Adding a Q&A session

This article covers:
  • Go to the Agenda in your Pigeonhole. Click on Add session
  • A session type is selected by default. Input Q&A information.
  • Manage your Q&A settings.
  • Click Add Q&A to save.
  • Test run your session.

1. Go to the Agenda in your Pigeonhole. Click on Add session.


2. Q&A session type is selected by default. Input Q&A information.

This will be shown as the title of the Q&A session on the agenda. 

Start and End Time
Your session automatically goes live at the start time and closes at the end time. When a session is live, your audience is able to submit their Poll responses. 

Tip: Set your end time with a buffer in mind, in case your real-life session overruns!

You can add Speaker Profiles to be reflected on the agenda, so your audience has more context about who is involved in this Q&A session.

3. Manage your Q&A settings.


Question Filtering
This lets you first allow, edit, or dismiss any questions that are submitted by your attendees, for more control over the content shown in your Q&A.

Comments and Comment filtering
When comments are enabled, attendees can leave comments on questions for more in-depth discussion, or for any follow-up questions.

Comment filtering allows you to allow, edit, or dismiss any comments that are submitted.


This feature allows you to provide text answers to questions in the Q&A session that you were not able to address during the session. Your audience can return to the same URL to view the admin approved answers. 

Answer Ratings
When a question is marked as answered, attendees can privately rate the answer. The answer ratings are not visible to the audience, and can be seen only in the PDF and Excel reports of the session.

4. Click Add Q&A to save.

5. Test run your session.

To check or test your Q&A setup, you can enable Test Mode and open the Audience Web App and Projector Panel to view it from the perspective of your audience, or practice running your Q&A as an organizer with the Admin or Moderator Panel