Link sessions created on the Pigeonhole Live Workspace to Zoom Meetings/Webinars

Available for:

  • Basic
  • Engage
  • Captivate
  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise (Meetings)
  • Enterprise (Events)

For quicker session creation during your Zoom meeting, you can create sessions in advance in your Pigeonhole Live workspace and associate them with an existing Zoom Meeting ID. 

The linked session will instantly load when you launch the Pigeonhole Live app in Zoom so you can start engaging attendees right away.

Note: Only Q&A, Multiple Choice Poll, Word Cloud, Chat, and Regular sessions are supported for this feature. You can only link first-level sessions to your Zoom Meeting using this method.

How to link sessions to Zoom Meetings? 

1. On your Pigeonhole Live Workspace, create a Pigeonhole and session for your event or meeting. 

2. After you’ve added the session details, scroll down to Advance CustomisationAssociate session to a meeting, and click on the Zoom logo. 


3. In your Zoom client, go to the Meetings tab to obtain your Meeting ID.


4. Paste your Meeting ID and select Associate.


5. Save your session. Your session is now linked to your Zoom Meeting. 


6. You may link multiple Zoom meetings to a single session. To do so, repeat steps 1-5 and with a new meeting ID each time. 

7. You may also link multiple sessions to the same Zoom meeting. To do so, create a new session, and repeat steps 1-5 with the same meeting ID. 

If you link more than one session to the same Zoom meeting, the session with the earliest start time will be loaded. If more than 1 session has the same start time then the first session to be linked to the Zoom meeting will be loaded. 

Note: If you are creating a session on behalf of another, ensure that the meeting owner who will load the session is also a member of the Workspace. Otherwise, they will not be able to load the session during the Zoom Meeting. 

8. To remove a session link, click on the Delete button.


Then, select Confirm delete in the pop-up modal. 



Note: We recommend that you do not remove a session link while the meeting is in progress. 

How to launch the session during the Zoom Meeting? 

1. Start the Zoom Meeting that you’ve linked to the session. 

2. Click on the Apps button and launch Pigeonhole Live. 


3. Select Pigeonhole Live, and follow the sign-in steps if requested. 


4. Once you’ve signed in to your Pigeonhole Live account, the session you have linked will be automatically selected in your app as shown below. Click Load session to continue. 



Any nested sessions under this first-level will also load and be available for your meeting attendees to participate in. 

Note: Meeting owners will only be able to load linked sessions from the Pigeonhole Live workspaces that they are a member of. If a meeting owner is not part of the Pigeonhole Live workspace that the linked session was created in, the session will not appear when the app is launched.

5. Share the app with your participants using the Send button to invite them to participate in your session.

Note: If you forget to link a new session to the meeting, it will automatically load the last linked session. To reload the intended session, you will need to end the meeting for everyone, link the intended session to the meeting, and restart the meeting using the same meeting link.