Using the Moderator Panel



The Moderator Panel is designed to be used by the moderator or speaker on stage. It is touch-optimised, and the words are enlarged to allow better readability. The Moderator Panel supports both Q&A and Poll sessions.

For Q&A sessions, it serves to let the moderator or speaker see questions that attendees have submitted (and have been approved if question filtering is enabled), then select any one question to address at each time. This question will in turn be reflected on the Projector Panel as an enlarged speech bubble automatically.

For Poll sessions, moderators or speakers will be able to see the results of the poll. If the poll is an open-text poll with answer filtering enabled, only approved answers are shown here.

Because different moderators and speakers have different ways of conducting their sessions, the Moderator Panel has an Advanced Mode that when turned on, provides additional functions/control. There are also other options available, that this article will go through.


The Moderator Panel is best used on an iPad, with Guided Access enabled. This will prevent the moderator or speaker from accidentally exiting back to the home screen. Read this article for step-by-step guidance on setting this up.

Advanced Mode

When you first open the Moderator Panel, it defaults to Advanced Mode:


Q&A sessions

In Advanced Mode, questions can be enlarged on the Projector Panel using the “Active” button for each question.  The “Answered” function lets you mark a question as answered once the speaker has addressed it. The "Star" function lets you highlight questions you wish to prioritise during the session. Question comments posted by attendees can also be viewed on the Moderator Panel. 

  • Tap on any question to make the “Active” and “Answered” buttons appear:


  • Bring up a question onto the Projector Panel by tapping on "Active". The question will be blown up on the Projector Panel in a speech bubble. After you are done answering the question, tap on "Answered". This action will mark the questions “Answered” on the Audience Web App and remove it from Projector Panel.

  • To highlight questions that you would like to address first, click on the "Star" icon at the top right of the question grid. This action will highlight the grid in orange as shown below. 


Note: To allow moderators to star questionsslide in the options panel by clicking on the menu icon at the top right, and turn on Ability to star questions

  • To view comments, tap on "Comments" for each question.

If the Q&A session has nested polls, slide in the options panel by clicking on the menu icon at the top right, then enable "Show nested polls". A drawer will slide down showing the nested polls as well as a sampling of the current vote results. Tap on each Poll to view the Poll session and results.

Poll sessions

The Moderator Panel now supports multiple choice and open text poll sessions. For multiple choice polls, the results are presented live in horizontal bar charts. By default, results are shown in percentages, but in the options panel, disabling "Results in percentage" will switch to showing the number of votes instead. For open text polls, the responses are managed in the similar way questions in Q&A sessions. The same "Active", "Star" and "Comments" functionality are also available.

Turning off Advanced Mode

  • To turn off Advanced Mode, tap on the menu button to open the Options pane.

  • Next, turn off Advanced Mode by tapping on the switch.


Basic Mode

This is the mode when Advanced mode is turned off:


Turning off Advanced mode basically hides several functionality from the moderator or speaker. This is ideal for moderators and speakers who use the Moderator Panel only to view questions or responses, without using the "Active" button functionality. Comments are also viewable in this mode, as well as showing nested polls for Q&A sessions by enabling "Show nested polls".

In this situation, the moderator or speaker would read the question or response, and a member from the organising team will use the Admin Panel to find the question or response and select the "Active" button to bring it up on the Projector Panel.