How to add a Multiple-Choice Poll



1. Go to the Agenda page in your Pigeonhole. Click on Add session

2. Under Select Session Type, choose Poll.



3. Input Poll Information

This will be shown as the title of the Poll session on the agenda.

Start and End Time
Your session automatically goes live at the start time, and closes at the end time. When a session is live, your audience is able to submit their Poll responses. 

Pro tip

Set your end time with a buffer in mind, in case your real life session overruns!


4. Under Poll Settings, click on "Multiple choice" Poll type.


Poll Question
Type in the question you'd like to poll your audience.

Answer Options
Type in the options that your audience can select. You can create up to 100 options by default. 

Votes per user
Determine how many options each user can vote on. For example, if you select 2 votes per user: Each attendee can vote on up to 2 different options, but they cannot vote twice on the same option.


5. Remember to click "Add Poll" to save!

To check or test your set-up, you can use Test Mode to view it from the perspective of your audience, or practice running your Poll as an organizer.