Understanding our stance on anonymity

Pigeonhole Live encourages and promotes open, constructive conversations between stakeholders by enabling anonymity and content curation. When anonymity is allowed, we go to lengths to protect the attendees' identity. Therefore, content shared anonymously on Pigeonhole Live are anonymous to organisers. This is true even if the attendee is identified, but then chooses to post a response anonymously.

When customers (organisers) request for information on an anonymous attendee, our policy is to strictly not disclose any information about the anonymous attendee. If you read further, even in situations where we are compelled by a court order or police investigation, there is only limited information we collect about the attendee too.

What information do we collect and know about anonymous attendees?

We have information about the device, the ip address and a clue on the web browser used. Such information can be easily spoofed so we do not treat such information with absolute certainty as well. In other words, we don't actually collect and know much about anonymous attendees.

We can however aggregate information on what this anonymous attendee votes on or posts.

Read more in our Privacy Policy.

Why do we not share information about anonymous attendees with our customers?

We treat both organisers and attendees equally as our valued customers.

For Pigeonhole Live to be an effective platform at events and meetings, attendees must trust that they are anonymous when they are given the option to be anonymous. Likewise, organisers must respect that when a response is posted anonymously, there's no recourse in identifying the person.

That's because as an organiser, you have already been given the option to allow, or disallow anonymity.

For any clarifications, questions or disputes, you can contact us at privacy@pigeonlab.com.