Creating a Word Cloud

Available for:

  • Basic
  • Engage
  • Captivate
  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise (Meetings)
  • Enterprise (Events)

How to create a Word Cloud? 

Session Type

1. Go to the Agenda page in your Pigeonhole. Click on Add session.

2. Under Session Type, choose Poll: Word Cloud.


3. Fill in the Word Cloud information. 

Word Cloud Agenda Information



This entry will be shown as the title of the Word Cloud on the Agenda page in the Audience Web App, Projector Panel, Admin Panel, and Moderator Panel.

Start and End Time

Your Word Cloud session will automatically go live at the start time and close at the end time that you enter here. When a session is live, your attendees will be able to submit Word Cloud answers.

Word Cloud Question



This is the poll question that your attendees will submit their answers to.

Answer limit 

As the Word cloud format works best when answers are short, answers may not exceed 4 words and a total of 40 characters in length. 

You can set the limit for the number of words and characters to be lower than the maximum allowed.

Word Cloud Settings 


Anonymous answers 

This setting is disabled by default. When disabled, attendees will be asked to create a profile when submitting answers. Attendees who have submitted answers can be identified by the organiser. 

When enabled, attendees will not be identified in the answers they post on the Audience Web App, Panels, and Insights. 

Answer filtering 

When enabled, all submitted answers will go through moderation on the Admin Panel before being published on the Word Cloud.

Note: If you turn on Answer filtering halfway through the session, new submissions of a word that is already in the Word Cloud will not go through filtering, and will be counted as an additional vote for the word. If you want to stop submissions for a word that’s already in the Word Cloud, please hide the word on your Admin Panel. 

Attendees can view answers even after the session has ended

When enabled, attendees can continue to view the Word Cloud beyond the end time, but will not be able to submit new answers.

When disabled, attendees cannot view the Word Cloud after the session’s end time. 


Determine how many answers an attendee is allowed to submit. You can allow unlimited submissions per attendee or select a limit of up to 10 words. 

4. Click Add Word Cloud to save your setup. 

5. Test run your session. 

To check or test your setup, you can use Test Mode and open the Audience Web App and Projector Panel to view it from the perspective of your audience, or practice running your Q&A as an organizer with the Admin or Moderator Panel

Word Cloud display and functionalities in the Audience Web App 

On the Audience Web App, attendees will be able to submit answers and view the Word Cloud live. 

1. Attendees can click on + Add answer and enter their answers (text or emoji) in the input box and click Submit. Attendees can submit multiple different answers at once. 

Note: Multiple submissions of the same word is not allowed. 


2. The auto-suggestion feature will provide word suggestions if an attendee's entry matches a word that has already been submitted to the Word Cloud by another attendee. 


Note: Some responses may not appear on the Word Cloud displayed on the Audience Web App depending on character limit and browser width. All responses will still be visible on the Word Cloud displayed on the Projector Panel.

Word Cloud display and functionalities in the Admin Panel

On the Admin Panel, Word Cloud answers are displayed from the highest number of submissions to the lowest in the Allowed tab.

The number of votes next to each entry refers to the number of times the word was submitted to the Word Cloud. The name of the attendees who have submitted the word will appear right below it if Anonymous answers setting was not enabled.

You will also be able to preview the Word Cloud in the Admin Panel.


When Answer Filtering is enabled all submitted responses will appear in the Pending tab. Answers that are Allowed by the admins will be moved to the Allowed tab and published to the Word Cloud on the Audience Web App. Answers that are Dismissed by the admins will be moved to the Dismissed tab and will not appear in the Word Cloud. Answer Filtering is only available for Business, Engage, Captivate and Enterprise (Meetings & Events) Pigeonholes.

Admins can also Edit answers to merge different answer submissions that have different spellings but same meaning or Hide any answers that you have allowed previously.