Run Quiz on Presenter pace without timer

This article covers:
  • Setting up Presenter pace without timer
  • Steps and Admin Controls
  • Scoring and results for Quiz session
  • Participating in a Quiz session

The Admin/Presenter has the ability to control the pace of the Quiz session. Participants will move to the next question according to the presenter’s pace.

Setting up Presenter pace without timer

After you have created your Quiz Session, under ‘Quiz Questions’, select Presenter Pace > click on the drop down list and select ‘No time limit’. 


When running quiz on presenter’s pace, please note that the:

  • The Audience Web App is synchronised to the Projector Panel, so both interfaces will always show the same question at any one time.
  • The Admin/Presenter needs to manually reveal the answer for each question.
  • The Admin/Presenter will be managing the quiz's pace by clicking through the questions. Participants will not be able to click 'Next' to move to the next question on their own.

You can also run Quiz sessions at presenter pace with a timer set or run Quiz sessions on Audience pace.

Steps and admin controls 

When controlling the pace of your Quiz session, here are some steps you can take to ensure that your session runs smoothly. 

1. When your participants are ready, click Start Quiz on the Admin Panel to begin the Quiz. 

You can view the live count of participants who have entered your Quiz session before you start.


2. To reveal the answer, click Next on the top right corner of the page. 

You will see a confirmation prompt – click Reveal to confirm and reveal the answer to your audience. 

You can reveal the answers based on the level of participation by the vote count or the number of participants who are in the quiz.


You will see a label ‘Voting ended. Answers revealed’ to indicate that the answer has been revealed for the question. 


3. Click Next on the top right corner of the page to navigate to the next quiz question. 


A leaderboard will be shown on the Admin Panel before participants advance to the next question.


4. Click Next after the leaderboard is shown to advance the quiz to the next question.



Reveals the previous question on both the Projector Panel and Audience Web App


Reveals the next question on both the Projector Panel and Audience Web App


Note: The Admin Panel, Projector Panel, and Audience Web App are synchronised at all times during the Quiz.

5. When the Quiz is completed, results are shown to the Admin and audience.


Results shown

Admin Panel

  • Total participant count
  • Average score
  • Highest score
  • Number of participants with highest score

Audience Web App

  • Individual participant's total score
  • Answers that they chose for each question
  • Correct answers

Scoring and results for Quiz session

After the Quiz has been completed and the correct answers have been revealed, participants and Admin are shown the quiz results.

Scoring on the Audience Web App 

When the Quiz is completed, participants will see their individual scores, their selected answers, and the correct answers. 


Results on the Admin Panel and Projector Panel

The Admin Panel and Projector Panel will show the overall results once all the participants have completed the quiz. The overall results include total participants, average score, highest score, and number of participants with the highest score. 


Here’s how you can re-run your Quiz session with a new group of participants.

Participating in a Quiz session

1. Once the Admin clicks Start Quiz, participants will immediately see the first question on the Audience Web App.


2. After the participant has voted and the Admin has revealed the correct answer, the following pop-up will appear only when the participant has voted for the correct answer.


3. Followed by a green tick beside the correct answer. The pace of the quiz is dependent on the Presenter.


4. After the last question has been answered, participants will see their trophy gradually fading in together with their Rank, Score and Total Time.


5. Once the trophy has faded out, participants will be able to see their quiz results with a summary of their answer for each question and the correct answer set by the admin.