How to run a Quiz on Presenter pace without timer



How the Quiz runs on presenter pace without timer

  • The Audience Web App is synchronised to the Projector Panel, so both interfaces will always show the same question at any one time.

  • The admin/presenter needs to manually reveal the answer for each question.

  • The admin/presenter needs to manually advance the participants' Audience Web App and Projector Panel to the next question. Participants will not be able to click 'next' to move to the next question on their own.

You can also see how to run a Quiz on presenter pace with a timer set.

Steps and admin controls 

1. When your participants are ready, click on Start Poll on the Admin Panel to begin the Quiz. 

You can look at the live count of participants who are in your Quiz session to help you decide if your participants are ready. 

2. Click Reveal answer to show the correct answer for the question.

You can reveal the answer at any time you are comfortable with, e.g. when your participants have voted sufficiently. 

The live participants and votes counter tells you how much participation you have gotten on each question, and can help you decide when to reveal the answer.


3. To advance participants to the next question, click Next.

This moves the Audience Web App (on participants' devices) and the Projector Panel to the next question. 


Prev Show the previous question on both the Projector Panel and Audience Web App
Next Show the next question on both the Projector Panel and Audience Web App

The Admin Panel, Projector Panel, and Audience Web App are synchronised at all times during the Quiz.

The correct answer must be revealed before you can advance to the next question. Otherwise, a pop-up will remind you to do so.



4. When the Quiz is completed, results are shown to the admin and audience.

Interface Results shown
Admin Panel
  • Total participant count
  • Average score
  • Highest score
  • Number of participants with highest score
Audience Web App
  • Individual participant's total score
  • Answers that they chose for each question
  • Correct answers

Learn more about scoring here.