The Pigeonhole Live workflow

To fully maximise Pigeonhole Live and increase attendee engagement at your event, we recommended this workflow for our product for your events.

Concept of an event

Think of an event as an instance when you wish to engage attendees. It can be a conference, town hall, small meeting, or even just a feedback or a poll exercise. Within our platform, each such event is set up in its own Pigeonhole. Each such event will also last a finite time which is constrained by the Pigeonhole duration. Doing this ensures that the data attendees put into the platform, as well as any interaction dynamics that is collected, is distinct and can be analysed separately from other events.

Set up your Pigeonhole

Before you can start engaging event attendees, go to your Workspace and set up the Pigeonhole for your event. Define the event name and timezone as well as the Event Passcode, which your audience will use to access the Pigeonhole Live platform during the event.

Next, create sessions according to your event agenda. Pigeonhole Live offers 3 types of interactive sessions that you can use to engage attendees – Q&As, Polls and Surveys. Customise your agenda to best suit your needs by nesting sessions in other sessions and including non-interactive sessions such as welcome addresses and meal breaks.

We have a section with step-by-step instructions dedicated to guide you through this setup process.

Technical run

Turn on Test Mode anytime before your first session goes live (determined by the start time) to conduct your technical run. Test Mode allows you to test your set-up before the event, allowing you to post test data via the Audience Web App, check out the display on the Projector Panel, and practise using the Moderator and Admin Panels to manage responses.

When you’re done testing the platform, you can turn off Test Mode or allow the Pigeonhole to go live automatically (not recommended). When Test Mode is turned off, all test data will be removed. Learn more about using Test Mode for technical runs.

Manage your event

We’ve prepared resources available for download customised for your event in your Workspace. Find this in the Run section of each Pigeonhole. These will help guide you through the setup of the Panels on your devices. We also include our tried and tested way to quickly introduce Pigeonhole Live to your event attendees. Read more about the resources provided.

Direct attendees to the Audience Web App at to start engaging, and display the Projector Panel on the big screen to highlight the most popular questions and questions that are being addressed. If your Q&A session involves moderators and panelists, it is recommended that each moderator be provided with a Moderator Panel on a tablet, where they can view questions from the audience and select questions to direct to the panelists. If your Q&A session has question filtering enabled, use the Admin Panel to allow or dismiss questions. You can also use the Kiosk interface to capture Poll votes and survey responses if you have exhibition booths or kiosks set up.

Gather Insights

It’s not over when your event ends. Some of the most valuable insights can be drawn after the event when you analyse the responses collected on Pigeonhole Live. Don't worry if you were not able to address all the questions posted during your event as all responses are captured and presented clearly on the Insights tab in your event Pigeonhole. These are accessible anytime during and after your event. You can also export these insights in PDF and Excel formats for further analysis or storage.