About Test Mode

This article covers: 
  • What is Test Mode?
  • When can I use Test Mode? 
  • How to use Test Mode to conduct technical runs?
  • What happens when my sessions go live while Test Mode is switched on?
  • Can I inform attendees of my Event Passcode while Test Mode is switched on? 

Here’s a summary of Test Mode:


Read on to learn more about Test Mode.

What is Test Mode?

Test Mode is a feature that allows you to take your Pigeonhole for a test run before your event begins. After you've set up your Pigeonhole event, you can use Test Mode to: 

  • Experience your Pigeonhole from the attendee, event admin, and moderator's perspective
  • Get feedback from your team on the Pigeonhole event you've set up
  • Train your onsite team to effectively implement and run Pigeonhole Live during the event

When can I use Test Mode?

You can use Test Mode as many times as you like anytime before the start of your first session. You can make use of Test Mode to conduct technical runs for your Pigeonhole Live sessions.

When Test Mode is enabled, sessions become open and fully functional in a test environment. This allows you to test out your setup in its entirety. Every interface and interaction you experience in the test environment is an exact reflection of how your Pigeonhole will look and behave during your event.

Use Test Mode to proofread all the content that you have input and practice using the Projector, Moderator and Admin panels. You can also get your team to explore the Audience Web App and submit responses to test out the audience's perspective. 

Note: All responses or activity data captured during Test Mode is considered test data and will be removed once Test Mode is switched off. Test data will not be included in your Insights and PDF/Excel exports.

How to use Test Mode to conduct technical runs?

1. Test Mode is switched off by default. 

You can switch Test Mode on and off by clicking on the slider bar at the top right corner of the Pigeonhole page in your Workspace.


You will see a pop-up once you switch Test Mode on.


2. Then, click Run your event. Here, you will see a list of interfaces that you can use to run and manage your event: Audience Web App, Projector Panel, Moderator Panel, Admin Panel and Kiosk (if Kiosk has been enabled for your Pigeonhole).


3. Click on the button for the respective interface to open and test it out. 


4. When Test Mode is switched on, the Audience Web App and Panels will instantly reflect that it's in Test Mode. You will see a countdown to the automatic deactivation of Test Mode. 

Audience Web App


Projector Panel


Test Mode is scheduled to automatically switch off when the first session in your Pigeonhole starts. If the start time of the first session is edited, the Test Mode countdown will be updated accordingly. 

5. You can also access these links from the Run links button at the top right-hand corner of your Pigeonhole.


6. Test out your setup in each interface by submitting responses on the Audience Web App, managing the responses on the Admin Panel and displaying responses using the Projector Panel to prepare for the actual event day. 

7. Once you have conducted your technical runs and are satisfied with the setup, switch Test Mode off to indicate that you are all set for your event. 

Note: All the Pigeonhole interfaces will behave in full functionality in a test environment during Test Mode. Once Test Mode is switched off, all submitted responses will be removed. 

What happens when my sessions go live while Test Mode is switched on?

If one or more sessions (interactive or non-interactive) goes live, Test Mode becomes automatically disabled, even if it was previously switched on. There is no way to re-enable Test Mode once any session in the Pigeonhole has started. This is to ensure that participant activity and engagement rates in your Pigeonhole are measured accurately right from the start of the sessions. 

Can I inform attendees of my Event Passcode while Test Mode is switched on? 

If you intend to send a pre-event message to attendees with the Pigeonhole Live Event Passcode, it is important that you switch off Test Mode prior to that. Make sure that you have completed all technical runs before sharing your Event Passcode with your attendees. 

If you are unable to complete tech runs before sending your pre-event message, we strongly suggest that you do not include the Event Passcode in any pre-event messaging. This is because any participant activity that is captured while Test Mode is switched on will be erased the moment Test Mode is switched off.