Setting up and Editing your Event Info

This article covers: 
  • What is my Event Info?
  • How do I edit my Event Info?
  • Can I change my Event Info after creating my event?

What is my Event Info?

Your Event Info, or your Pigeonhole Details, are the details of the event during which the Pigeonhole is used. It will determine when the event takes place and what is displayed to your audience. 

When you set up a new Pigeonhole, you will be prompted to fill in these details

Event type

Select the type of event that you are intending to run. Select “In-person” for events that are only happening in-person, “Virtual” for events that are taking place entirely online, and “Hybrid” for events that have a mix of in-person and online attendees. 

Event name

Enter the name of your event. The Event Name will be displayed to your audience when they access the Audience Web App. Within your account, the Event Name also becomes the name of your Pigeonhole so you can easily search for it on your Workspace. 

This is a required field and cannot be left blank. Your Event name should have a length of 4 to 100 characters.


When your attendees access the Audience Web App, they will be prompted to enter the event passcode. You can customise the event passcode to suit your event name or generate a random passcode by selecting the Random option. Cryptic passcodes will help prevent non-attendees from guessing the passcode and accessing your event without authorisation. 

Passcodes are case-insensitive, but avoid ambiguous characters to prevent confusion amongst attendees when signing in. Do note that passcodes are subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis. Passcodes are assigned/reserved based on your Pigeonhole duration that you’ve entered. Passcodes can only be reused once the Pigeonhole has ended. 

Read more on choosing Passcodes.

This is a required field and cannot be left blank.The passcode must consist of alphabets and numbers and have a length of 4 to 20 characters without spaces.

Expected total participants 

This is the number of participants that are expected to be accessing the Audience Web App throughout your event duration. You are only required to provide an estimation. This information is requested so we can provide you with the right event support. 

Please ensure that you have the right Pigeonhole plan to support the number of participants you’re expecting for the event. You can always upgrade to a higher plan after setting up your Pigeonhole. 

Total participant limit by Pigeonhole type: 


Supports up to 100 participants


Supports up to 200 participants


Supports up to 1000 participants


Supports up to 1000 participants


Supports up to 5000 participants


For Engage and Captivate Pigeonholes, you can add an additional 500 participants at USD 98. 

If you are expecting more than 5000 participants at your event, or would like to customise your participant limit, please reach out to us via a support ticket. 

Note: The total participant count for your Pigeonhole is calculated as a new user sign-in on the Audience Web App or when a user enters an interactive session. If a user uses multiple devices to sign-in, each device will increase the participant count by one. However, multiple logins from the same device will be counted as one participant.

Event dates

Specify the date range for when you will be using Pigeonhole Live for your event. This includes your Pigeonhole's Start Date and End Date.When you add sessions to your Pigeonhole, they will be constrained by this duration.

Do note that both dates can not be earlier than the current date, and the Start Date can not be changed once the Pigeonhole begins. 

The date range selected is limited by your Pigeonhole duration. See Understanding the Pigeonhole Duration

Country / Timezone

It is important to select the correct timezone before setting up any sessions. The start and end timings for sessions created will be based on the selected timezone. If you change the timezone after creating a few sessions, the session timing will need to be manually updated to reflect the adjusted time offset.

If your event spans across several timezones, you still have to select a timezone to base your setup on on your Workspace. However, attendees on the Audience Web App will see the session timings based on their device timezone.

Filter through the timezones by first selecting the country where this event is being held. If this is a regional event, choose the country and timezone that the session setup will be based on.

How do I edit my Event Info? 

To change your Event Info, go to your Pigeonhole> Event Info tab. You will be able to change any of the details listed above in the Event Info tab. 

Can I change my Event Info after creating my event? 

You can change any of your Event Info before the event begins. After the event starts, there will be three restrictions: 

  • If the event has started, you cannot change the start date. You also cannot set the start date to be earlier than the current date. 
  • If the event has started, you cannot change the Country or Timezone.
  • If the event has ended, you cannot change the end date. 

If you urgently need to change your Event Info after your Pigeonhole begins, you may reach out to your Account Manager or send us a support request.