Using Projector Panel for Q&A by Solo Presenters

It's easy for speakers to manage their own Q&A session by themselves. This is more common in situations where the sessions are more community-driven, or self-run, and there are limited manpower available. The speaker will typically be on stage with their laptop directly connected to the projector screen.

Watch this 30 second video to understand how this works:

Addressing questions

When it's time to answer a question, click on it in the Projector Panel Q&A session. This will "Activate" the question and make it appear enlarged on the projector. The question will also be promoted to the top of the Audience Web App.

When the question has been answered, click on the "Mark Answered" button. This will remove the answered question from the Projector Panel, but the question will remain on the Audience Web App.

Example of Active question displayed on Projector Panel

Using Controls in the Projector Panel

When in the Projector Panel, you'll see Controls appear automatically at the bottom of the screen. This is meant to help you quickly navigate to other Sessions or use different features during your presentation. 

Note: The Control bar and your cursor will auto-hide when there are a couple of seconds of inactivity. 

Setting the display to FullScreen

From your Workspace, open the Projector Panel, then select the Q&A session. Using Controls, set the Projector Panel to full screen.

1.pngExample of Controls on the bottom of the Projector Panel

Note: The Fullscreen button can be found on the right-hand side of the Controls panel.

Switching Sessions

Clicking on Sessions in Controls will present the available Sessions in your event. Simply select the session you wish to project. Once the session has loaded, Controls will update with the relevant options available based on this interactive session type. 

Example of how to navigate between Sessions via Controls on the Projector Panel

Toggle to different displays

Different display options are available for Q&A Sessions. You can choose different display options to adapt to your presentation needs.


Example of how to choose different chart types to display Poll results

Using different Screens

Depending on the Session type selected, different screens will be available. Shortcuts to quickly switch between different screens are also denoted beside each option for easy reference.


Example of different Screens to use in the Projector Panel

Hide Sidebar

Located to the left of the Fullscreen button, use this option to hide the Sidebar during a presentation. 

Note: This can also be done remotely by moderators using the Admin Panel.

Using the Moderator Panel or Admin Panel

Using the mouse and clicking around on stage in full view of the attendees may not be ideal for some events. That's why we have the Moderator Panel and Admin Panel, which allows speakers, moderators, or people backstage to do all the above remotely without touching the Projector Panel.

Learn more about remotely controlling the Projector Panel.

The buttons "Comments" and "Mark Answered" options that appear when a question is "Active" or enlarged on the Projector Panel are triggered by the clicking of a question in the Projector Panel. For the remainder of the session, these buttons will continue to appear on the screen even if someone uses the Moderator Panel or Admin Panel. This behaviour is only reset once the web browser is reloaded or when the Projector Panel is changed to another session.