Using Projector Panel with Controls

Controls is a new (since June 2017), easier way of configuring the Projector Panel. It's a simple visual, point and click interface on the Projector Panel. To activate it, make sure you've selected a session to display, then move your cursor near the bottom of the Projector Panel. You'll see Controls appear automatically. You'll be able to go to fullscreen, switch between sessions, choose how responses are displayed as chart types, and bring up different informative screens like sign-in instructions and more to show your attendees on the projector. This is our recommended way to control your Projector Panel now.

With Controls, your cursor also now auto-hides when there's a couple seconds of inactivity. No more unsightly cursors on the projector screen!

Power users can of course continue to use the keyboard shortcuts for cursor-free actions.

To see how Projector Panel Controls work, watch the short video below (40 seconds).

Bringing Up Controls

Controls slides up from the bottom of the Projector Panel when your cursor nears the bottom of the screen. It hides when your cursor is outside the bottom section of the Projector Panel. 


You can click on the Fullscreen button to enter or exit fullscreen mode for your web browser.

Switching Sessions

Clicking on Sessions in Controls will bring up a list of Q&A and Poll sessions. Simply select the session you wish to display. Once the session has loaded, Controls will update with the relevant options available based on this interactive session type.

Choosing a Chart Type

Chart types let you display responses in different styles. The chart types available vary between Q&A and Poll sessions.

Displaying Screens

Depending on your interactive session type, different screens will be available. A common, useful screen is the Sign-in instructions which help you inform attendees how to access Pigeonhole Live.