Using the Projector Panel



What is the Projector Panel

Projector Panel page seen by event attendees

The Projector Panel displays responses gathered during interactive Q&A and Poll sessions. Admins can navigate between sessions and select from a variety of display options to adapt to your presentation needs. 

The Projector Panel requires an Internet connection. For best performance and reliability, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Navigating to the Projector Panel

There are two ways to navigate to the Projector Panel in your Pigeonhole. See examples below.

  1. Run Links > Projector Panel
  2. Run your event > Projector Panel

How to launch the Projector Panel from anywhere in your Pigeonhole via Run links.

How to launch the Projector Panel via Run your event via Run your event.

Once you have navigated the Projector Panel, you will see a list of your Sessions. Select your desired Session to launch your panel.

Select the desired Session to launch the Projector Panel for that Session

Projector Panel settings

To customize the appearance of the Project Panel during a Session, you can adjust the display settings. You can do this from your Pigeonhole by navigating to More settings > Appearance > Projector Panel display.

The More settings tab in the Pigeonhole

Options to configure the Projector Panel Display

By default, the Projector Panel displays with the sidebar open to encourage participation. If this does not suit your event, head over to Projector Panel Display to customise a suitable configuration.

The entire Sidebar can be hidden or displayed. Individual elements within the sidebar like QR code, event passcode, and sponsor logo, can be independently toggled. Two types of logos are available to be added to the sidebar: Logo branding and Sponsor logos. With Logo branding, event organisers are able to place their organisation or event logo on the Projector Panel and the Audience Web App. Additionally, for some events, organisers may want to display logos of sponsors, partners, and collaborators, and this can be done through Sponsor logos. 

In the Header, the Session title can be toggled for greater focus. Some users find it especially useful for cases where the session question might overlap with the session title. 

In Session Details, you can choose to toggle between showing or hiding the number of participants and the number of votes independently.

Note: You will also be able to adjust some of these settings within the Project Panel itself. See the Navigating Projector Panel with Controls section below for more details.


Example of Project Panel display with all elements active


Example of Project Panel display with sidebar elements deactivated

Navigating Projector Panel with Controls

A host of configuration options for the Projector Panel are available in the Control bar. To activate it, make sure you've selected a session to display, then move your cursor near the bottom of the Projector Panel. You'll see Controls appear automatically. 

Note: The Control bar and your cursor will auto-hide when there are a couple of seconds of inactivity.


Example of Controls on the bottom of the Projector Panel


Click on the Fullscreen button on the right-hand side of the Controls panel to enter or exit fullscreen mode for your web browser.

Hide Sidebar

Located to the left of the Fullscreen button, use this option to hide the Sidebar during a presentation. 


Clicking on Sessions in Controls will present the available Sessions in your event. Simply select the Session you wish to project. Once the Session has loaded, Controls will update with the relevant options available based on this interactive session type. 

Example of how to navigate between Sessions via Controls on the Projector Panel

Hide or Show Results

Clicking on Hide Results will show an aggregate of Poll answers. 

Display/Chart Type

Depending on the Session type selected, different display options are available. Select from a variety of display options to adapt to your presentation needs.

Example of how to choose different chart types to display Poll results


Depending on the session type selected, different screens will be available. Shortcuts to quickly switch between different screens are also denoted beside each option for easy reference.

Example of different Screens to use in the Projector Panel

A commonly used screen is Sign-in instructions, which help you inform attendees on how to access your event. To encourage participation, it will also be the default display when there are no responses for a session.

instructions screen

A Blank screen can be used when more focus is required. 

Blank screen

The Session title screen can be employed in scenarios where the session has received some responses, but the presenter is not ready to share the results just yet. 

Session title screen

The Session description screen enables you to display any instructions or descriptions available for the session.

Session description screen

Active question/response screen enlarges an audience-submitted response to a Q&A or Poll: Open-ended session, which helps audiences to focus on the discussion. Moving the screen pointer also displays options for the presenter to Mark a response as Answered or expand comments on a response directly on the Projector Panel itself. 

Active question/response screen

Session statistics display a top-level overview of the activity that took place in the Session. 

Session statistics screen

Projector Panel for Q&A and Open-ended Poll sessions

When open-ended text sessions such as Q&A and Open-ended Poll sessions are selected, the Projector Panel displays a live feed of questions submitted by attendees. Questions are displayed as a list view, and sorted by the number of votes. As attendees vote on questions, the questions are automatically reordered by votes.

Q&A session in Projector Panel

When a question is being addressed by the speaker, it is possible to focus the audience's attention by clicking on the question to make it ‘Active’. This expands the question on the Projector Panel. On the Audience Web App, the question will also be promoted to the top of the list.

When the question has been answered, click on the "Mark Answered" button. This will remove the answered question from the Projector Panel, but the question will remain on the Audience Web App. Alternatively, a team member can use the Moderator or Admin Panel to remotely control the active question on the Projector Panel.

Active question screen with sidebar 

To view comments associated with a question, simply click on the question, then select the comments icon. You can return to the questions screen by pressing the Q keyboard shortcut, clicking the ‘X’ icon, or use "Back to session" under Controls > Screens.

Comments on an active question

Projector Panel for Poll with options sessions

When a Poll question is selected, the Projector Panel displays the results of responses collated. Poll results can be displayed in either vertical or horizontal bar charts or pie charts. As attendees vote on the poll question, the results will update in real-time.

Example of a Multiple Choice Question Session in the Project Panel

If the option to Comment on poll option is enabled, to view comments associated with an option, simply click on the poll option. You can return to the questions screen by pressing the Q keyboard shortcut, clicking the ‘X’ icon, or use "Back to session" under Controls > Screens.

 Example of comments on a poll question

Keyboard Shortcuts

For power users who prefer to use shortcuts, the various keyboard shortcuts are tabled below for ease of reference. Or, simply use the shortcut Shift + / when you are on the projector panel itself to quickly access the master list. 

Key Q&A Poll


Switch between different sessions


When in Comments view, return to all question view 

When in Comments view, return to Poll results screen


Randomly cycles between posted questions




Show/Hide results


Display the sign-in instructions for accessing the event


Show a blank screen


Display the session title screen


Display the session title and description


Display session statistics

Ctrl + [


Display vertical bar chart

Ctrl + ]


Display horizontal bar chart

Ctrl + ;


Display pie chart