Using the Projector Panel



Projector Panel is used to show on the projector screen, the responses gathered during interactive Q&A and Poll sessions. See Setting up the Projector Panel

Projector Panel for Q&A sessions

Default View

When a Q&A session is selected, the Projector Panel displays a live feed of questions submitted by attendees. Questions are displayed on a 3 x 3 grid, and sorted by the number of votes. As attendees vote on questions, the questions are automatically reordered by votes.

When a question is being addressed by the speaker, it is possible to enlarge the question on the Projector Panel.

This can be done by the speaker directly on the Projector Panel see Projector Panel for Solo Presenters. Alternatively, the speaker or moderator can use the Moderator Panel to remotely control the Projector Panel.

If you are managing the Projector Panel, you can use Projector Panel Controls or the various keyboard shortcuts (tabled below) to change what your audience see.

Key Q&A Poll
S Switch between different sessions
T Display the current Q&A session title Display the current Poll question 
O - Display the current Poll question and options
Q Return to the grid display of questions Return to Poll results screen
R Randomly cycle between posted questions -
W Display the sign-in instructions for accessing Pigeonhole Live
B Show a blank screen

Comments View

To view comments associated with a question, simply click on the question, then select the comments icon. You can return to the questions screen by press Q keyboard shortcut, or use "Back to chart" under Controls > Screens.

Projector Panel for Poll sessions

Default View

When a Poll question is selected, the Projector Panel displays the results of responses collated. Poll results will be displayed in either vertical or horizontal bar charts or pie chart. As attendees votes on the poll question, the results will update in real-time.

Comments View

To view comments associated with an option, simply click on the poll option.


Using Projector Panel with Controls

A new and easier way to configure the Projector Panel using a visual, point and click interface.



For seamless switching between sessions, open multiple instances of the Projector Panel on different tabs in your web browser. Use Ctrl + [tab number] to switch between Q&A sessions and/or Poll questions.