Understanding Custom Themes

Available for:

  • Engage
  • Captivate
  • Business
  • Enterprise (Meetings)
  • Enterprise (Events)
This article covers:
  • What is a Custom Theme?
  • How to create and apply a custom theme for my Pigeonhole? 
  • What is the difference between custom themes and custom branding? 

What is a Custom Theme?

Custom Themes is a customised background you can create for your event Pigeonhole. The theme will be applied on the Projector, Admin, and Moderator Panels as well as the Audience Web App. 

When creating a custom theme for your Pigeonhole, you can choose your own colour, upload your own background image, and even add your logo to fully customise it for your events and meetings. 

If you prefer to use a readily available theme, you can choose one from our Themes gallery which features nature sceneries, cityscapes, and solid colours. From time to time we also release seasonal themes for different occasions. 

Learn about Themes gallery.

This feature is available on Business Pigeonholes and above. 

How to create and apply a custom theme for my Pigeonhole?

1. In your Pigeonhole, navigate to More Settings> Appearance> Themes and Branding.

2. Select Custom Theme. 


3. Click on the colour code in Theme colour and move the colour picker around to find the right colour. You can also enter the HEXA, RGB or HSLA code for your colour to find the exact colour you are looking for. You can look at the preview on the left to see how the colour would appear on the Projector Panel and Audience Web App. To choose a different colour either enter a new colour code or move the picker around again. 


4. Select if you want the texts in your interfaces to appear white or black text. 

5. If you want to add a background image, click on Upload image and select an image from your desktop. The recommended resolution for the background image is 1440x900 pixels, while a minimum of 800x600 pixels is accepted. Images must be in JPG, PNG, or non-animated GIF with a maximum size of 5MB. 

Note: The background image will only be displayed in the Projector, Admin, and Moderator Panels. You will still need to select a colour for the background in your Audience Web App. 

If you want to upload a different image, click on Change image, and select a new image. To remove the background image completely, click on the drop-down menu, select Remove background, and select Remove in the confirmation modal. 


Your image will be removed and the Projector Panel preview will display a solid colour. 

6. If you want to add your logo to the custom theme. Click on Upload logo. Logo files must be in JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP formats with a minimum resolution of 30X30 pixels. 


Note: Your logo will be displayed in the Projector Panel and the Audience Web App. 

Note: As Logo Branding is available on all Engage Pigeonholes and above, you can use it concurrently with Custom Themes. 

7. Preview your custom theme on the left. The preview will update automatically when you make any changes to your custom theme. 


8. Once satisfied with the changes, click Save. The custom theme design will then be updated on your panels and Audience Web App. You can open the links to your panels and Audience Web App to view your custom theme. 

Note: If you make a change or select a theme from the gallery and click Save, the custom theme you created will be updated. To revert to your original design you will need to create the theme again. 

What is the difference between Custom Themes and Custom Branding?

Custom Themes allows you to add simple customisation to your Pigeonhole in a matter of minutes. You can add a single colour, a background image, and your company or event logo.

Custom Branding is a professional service that works almost like a white-label solution in which a tailored design is created for your Pigeonhole based on your brand and marketing guidelines. Custom branding allows you to:

  • add multiple brand colours and logos
  • add background image
  • customise logo positioning, typeface (font), and text alignments
  • and have a custom branded passcode page

With an annual license, you can also apply the custom branding on multiple Pigeonholes in your Workspace easily.

Note: You won't be able to use Custom Themes when Custom Branding is enabled in your Pigeonhole. To create and apply a custom theme, disable your Custom Branding first.