Getting started with Logo Branding

Available for:

  • Engage
  • Captivate
  • Business
  • Enterprise (Meetings)
  • Enterprise (Events)
This article covers:
  • What is Logo Branding? 
  • How to purchase Logo Branding for your Pigeonhole? 
  • How to apply Logo Branding on your Pigeonhole? 

What is Logo Branding?

Logo Branding allows you to place your organisation or event logo on the Projector Panel and the Audience Web App. Logo Branding does not alter the background or layout of the Moderator Panel, Admin Panel, and Kiosk.

If you wish to customise the colour and background of Pigeonhole Live interfaces you can use Custom Themes.

For white-label branding solutions, you will need to purchase our Custom Branding add-ons.

How to purchase Logo Branding? 

Logo Branding comes with the purchase of Business Pigeonholes, one-time Engage and Captivate Pigeonholes and Annual Engage and Captivate subscriptions. Logo Branding cannot be purchased as an add-on with our lower-tier plans. 

To qualify for Logo Branding you will need to upgrade your plan to a Business Pigeonhole and above. 

How to apply Logo Branding on your Pigeonhole?

1. On your Pigeonhole, go to More settings › Appearance.

2. Under Themes and Branding section, click on Upload logo and upload your logo file from your computer. 

3. You can use Logo Branding with our Themes to create a more customised look for your Pigeonhole. 


Note: Logo image files should have a minimum height of 30px and should contain the right colour contrasts to be visible against the theme that you have chosen for your Pigeonhole. 

3. Once you have uploaded the logo, preview the logo placement on the Projector Panel and how it looks against the theme you have chosen. To get an accurate representation of the quality of the logo image, open the Projector Panel under Run your event

4. Click on the drop-down next to Upload logo to replace the logo or remove it completely. 

Logo layout on the Projector Panel

There are two possible layouts for your logo display on the Projector Panel.  

1. For Q&As and Open-ended Polls, you can choose between the "Logo in header" or "Logo in grid" layouts during the session setup under Agenda.

2. For Multiple Choice Polls, Assessment and Quiz your logo will appear on the top header bar by default.