Customising Pigeonhole Appearance

This article covers:
  • Themes Gallery
  • Custom Themes
  • Logo Branding 
  • Custom Branding


Pigeonhole Live provides different levels of appearance customisation to suit your event or meeting's branding needs and budget. 

1. Themes Gallery

Our themes gallery features nature sceneries, cityscapes, solid colour, and special seasonal backgrounds that you can apply to your Pigeonhole for each event or meeting. Themes gallery is available to all users, from our free Basic Pigeonhole to the Enterprise Plan. 

Learn more about Themes Gallery. 

2. Custom Themes 

Custom Themes is a customised background you can create for your event Pigeonhole. The theme will be applied on the Projector, Admin, and Moderator Panels as well as the Audience Web App. 

When creating a custom theme for your Pigeonhole, you can choose your own colour, upload your own background image, and even add your logo using Logo Branding to fully customise it for your events and meetings. 

Custom Themes is available on Business, Engage, Captivate, Enterprise (Meetings), and Enterprise (Events) Pigeonholes. 

Learn more about Custom Themes.

3. Logo Branding

Logo branding allows you to display your organisation's logo to the Projector Panel and Audience Web App and can be applied with themes from the gallery or custom themes you have created, to make the most of your branding. 

Logo Branding is available on Business, Engage, Captivate, and Enterprise (Meetings), and Enterprise (Events) Pigeonholes

Learn more about Logo Branding.

4. Custom Branding 

Custom Branding is professional service that's akin to a white-label solution in which a tailored design is created for your Pigeonhole based on your brand and marketing guidelines. With Custom Branding, all the Pigeonhole Live interfaces will be uniformly branded with your corporate colours, logos, and more, giving your organisation and brand maximum visibility throughout the event.

Custom branding allows you to:

  • add multiple brand colours and logos
  • add background image
  • customise logo positioning, typeface (font), and text alignments
  • and have a custom branded passcode page and more

With an annual license and Team Workspace, you can also apply the custom branding on multiple Pigeonholes in your Workspace easily.

Custom Branding is available on Enterprise (Meetings) Pigeonholes and as an add-on for Engage, Captivate, and Enterprise (Events) Pigeonholes.

Learn more about Custom Branding.