How to create an Assessment?

Assessment allows you to test your participants' knowledge with a series of correct-answer questions and have access to their scores. To create an Assessment:


1. Go to the Agenda> Add session.

2. Under Session Type, choose Assessment.

3. Under Session Agenda information input Name and, Start and End Time.


This will be shown as the title of the Poll on the Agenda.

Start and End Time

Your session automatically goes live at the start time, and closes at the end time. When a session is live, your participants are able to access and complete the assessment poll at their own pace. 


4. Input Poll Information

Poll Question

Type in the assessment questions you'd like your participants to answer.

If you are adding a series of questions, click “Save and add another”.

Answer Options

Type in the options that your participants can select. You can create up to 100 options by default.

Mark one answer option as the correct answer.


5. Remember to click "Add Assessment" to save!

6. Test run your session. 

To check or test your setup, you can enable Test Mode and open the Audience Web Appand Projector Panel to view it from the perspective of your audience, or practice running your Q&A as an organizer with the Admin or Moderator Panel