Navigating the Insights page on your Pigeonhole

This article covers: 
  • What is available on the Insights page? 
  • What type of data is available under Overview
  • What type of data available under Sessions
  • What type of data is available under Attendees
  • Is Insights available during Test Mode?
  • How do I download Insights? 
  • Can I delete the data in Insights? 

What is available on the Insights page?

The Insights page in your Pigeonhole contains data on participant count, responses submitted, Q&A Answer Ratings and participants' demographic information, organised into three tabs: Overview, Sessions, and Attendees.


You can view Insights on your Workspace while your event is live and export Insights (as PDF or Excel) once the event has ended. Do note that the Insights page does not auto-refresh to reflect new updates. To get the most updated version of the Insights, refresh the page periodically. 

What type of data is available under Overview?

1. The Overview tab gives you an overview of user activity on Pigeonhole throughout your event. You can view the total participant count for your Pigeonhole and the Online Participants Chart, which breaks down the number of users connected to your Pigeonhole at different time periods. 

Note: Online Participants Chart is only available on paid Pigeonholes.


2. Do not that participant count is measured as a new user sign-in on the Audience Web App or when a user enters an interactive session. If a user uses multiple devices to sign-in, each device will increase the participant count by one. Multiple logins from the same device will be counted as one participant.

What type of data is available under Sessions?

1. Under Sessions, you will find the Overview Insights i.e. number of participants, number of Q&A questions, number of Poll votes and number of completed Surveys in your Pigeonhole as well as Engagement Insights i.e. the responses submitted in each interactive session. 

Q&A questions Total number of questions submitted by attendees across all Q&A interactive sessions.
Poll votes Total number of votes cast across all Poll interactive sessions. This includes multiple votes within a Poll (when enabled).
Completed surveys Total completed survey responses, across all Survey interactive sessions. There may be more partially complete responses, but those do not count to this number.


Refer to this article to learn more about Overview Insights and Engagement Insights. 


2. To view a detailed breakdown of the responses captured for each session, click on the name of the session. For Q&A sessions, you will also find your Q&A Answer Ratings here. 

Note: Engagement Insights are only available on paid Pigeonholes.

What type of data is available under Attendees?

1. Under Attendees, you will find Attendee List which shows the list of users in your event Pigeonhole and the corresponding demographic information collected in their profile. To have access to this information, you need to enable this feature during setup. 


2. Refer to this article to learn how to set up Attendee List for your Pigeonhole.

Is Insights available during Test Mode?

Insights is not available during Test Mode as all responses submitted during Test Mode will be removed as soon as Test Mode is turned off. 

How do I download Insights?

Click on Export all responses to download a zip file of PDF and Excel reports for all interactive sessions in your Pigeonhole. You can also download the responses for a specific session by clicking on the PDF and Excel button for the respective session. 


Refer to this article to learn more about downloadable PDF and Excel reports. 

Note: Downloadable Insights reports come free with paid Pigeonholes and can be purchased as an add-on for Basic Pigeonholes. 

Can I delete the data in Insights?

Users on Captivate Pigeonhole and above can permanently delete all responses from your Pigeonhole. Refer to this article to learn how to delete responses from your Pigeonhole.