Collecting Q&A Answer Ratings

This article covers:
  • What is Q&A Answer Ratings? 
  • How does Q&A Answer Ratings work? 
  • How to enable Q&A Answer Ratings?
  • How to disable Q&A Answer Ratings? 

What is Q&A Answer Ratings?

Q&A Answer Ratings allows you to collect attendees' sentiments on how well a question was answered during the live Q&A session. When enabled, attendees will be asked to rate each question on a scale of 5 on the Audience Web App, as soon as it is marked as Answered by the admin on the Admin Panel. 

These ratings are completely private to the organiser and are not visible to attendees and speakers. Answer Ratings are only accessible in your Workspace under Insights. 

How does Q&A Answer Ratings work? 

Watch this video for a quick overview of how Q&A Answer Ratings works.

  • Answer ratings are only available to questions marked as Answered on the Admin Panel or Moderator Panel.
  • Answer rating prompts are only triggered for attendees who asked or voted for the question. Other attendees can choose to rate the answer by clicking on the "Rate answer" link, as shown below. Attendees can also choose not to rate
  • Answer ratings are not public and only viewable in your Workspace under Insights, as shown below.


  • Detailed answer ratings, broken down by attendee is available on the Excel reports.
  • Overall answer ratings are included in the PDF reports.
  • Answer ratings can be submitted anonymously or identified.

How to enable Q&A Answer Ratings?

This function is turned on by default. To enable Q&A Answer Ratings, you have to simply mark each question as Answered once they have been addressed by the speaker, as shown below. 


How to disable Q&A Answer Ratings?

Q&A Answer Ratings cannot be disabled. However, to avoid prompting ratings, you may choose not to mark your questions as Answered