Adding sponsor logos to your event

Available for Captivate and Enterprise plans

What are sponsor logos? 

For some events, organisers may want to display logos of sponsors, partners, and collaborators. This can also be particularly valuable when an event has multiple hosts or organisers, such as conferences, conventions, or forums. 

Sponsorlogo.gifEvent with multiple sponsor logos

With an applicable plan, organisers can display the logos of up to 10 event partners in their event, on the Projector Panel sidebar. 

Adding sponsor logos

Adding sponsor logos to your Pigeonhole

To add sponsor logo(s) to your event, head on over to More settings > Appearance > Themes and Branding to upload up to 10 logos. 

Recommended logo settings:

  • Minimum 30 x 30 pixels
  • Recommended 416 x 160 pixels
  • JPG, PNG formats

The logos will be displayed on the Projector Panel in the sidebar, above your organisation logo, if you choose to use one, as well as on the sign-in instruction screen. If you have more than one sponsor logo uploaded, the logos will be displayed as a rotating carousel, cycling through all of the uploaded logos with a 10 second interval between each logo. 


Sponsor logo will be above the organiser’s logo

Sponsor logo on the bottom left in sign-in instructions screen

Displaying Sponsor Logos on the Sidebar

Organisers also can toggle the visibility of sponsor logos in their sidebar via More settings > Appearance > Projector Panel Display. This change will apply to all instances of the event’s Projector Panels. 

Sponsor logo setting in Projector Panel