Understanding Pigeonhole Live Pricing Plans

This article covers:
  • What are the available pricing plans?
  • What is included in a Basic Pigeonhole?
  • How to choose between different One-time Pigeonholes?
  • Can I supplement my Pigeonhole with Add-ons?
  • Can I upgrade a Pigeonhole?
  • What does an annual subscription include?
  • What does a customisable Enterprise Pigeonhole plan offer?
  • Is there any alternative pricing?

What Are the Available Pricing Plans?

We have entry-level Basic Pigeonholes available for free with every account that you can use at any time. 

For our premium features, you can choose from these three types of paid plans according to your meeting and event needs:

  • One-time Pigeonholes
  • Annual Subscriptions
  • Enterprise Plan

What Is Included in a Basic Pigeonhole?

Basic Pigeonholes are an excellent way to get started with Pigeonhole Live to run interactive events and meetings. A Basic Pigeonhole includes:

  • Sessions: 1 Q&A and 1 Poll session without filtering
  • Participants: up to 500
  • Video integrations (up to Dec 2020)
  • Statistics: Overview Insights (can be upgraded to Engagement Insights at USD 188)
  • Limitations: no Q&A Add-ons, no participant Add-ons, no Survey session
  • Security: data encryption

To get create a Basic Pigeonhole, click Add Pigeonhole in your Personal Workspace and select Basic:


Setting up a Basic Pigeonhole is the same as setting up other Pigeonholes.

How to Choose Between Different One-Time Pigeonholes?

With One-time Pigeonholes, you may purchase a different Pigeonholes for each event, depending on the specific event requirements.

All paid One-time Pigeonholes include unlimited Poll and Survey sessions.

Learn more about purchasing a new Pigeonhole from your account.

Choosing a One-time Pigeonhole

We offer three types of paid Pigeonholes: Manage, Engage and Captivate, priced at USD 268, 338 and 928, respectively. While all Pigeonholes share many common features, there are a few important differences that can help you decide which one to purchase for your event.

The three key points to consider:

  • Do you intend to use question filtering at your event? If so, you should opt for the Engage or Captivate Pigeonholes. The Basic and Manage Pigeonholes do not support this feature. If you purchase an Engage or Captivate Pigeonhole, you will still have the option to disable question filtering later from your Workspace or the Admin Panel.

  • How many Q&A sessions does your event require? If you plan to use more than 7 Q&A sessions during your event, the Captivate Pigeonhole is the most cost-effective.

Do you require access to user response data and reports? If yes, we encourage you to use our Manage, Engage or Captivate Pigeonholes which come with Engagement Insights. 

Can I Supplement My Pigeonhole with Add-Ons?

If your event requires more Q&A sessions or more than 1000 participants, you can purchase Add-ons at any time.

  • Each additional Q&A session costs USD 98.
  • Each additional 500 participants costs USD 98.

Add-ons can be purchased together with your Pigeonhole or purchased later for an existing Pigeonhole.

Note: Some Add-ons are not available during purchase—they require approval and can only be requested through a support request via your Workspace. Send a request when:

Can I Upgrade a Pigeonhole?

You can also choose to upgrade your Pigeonhole. This can be done anytime your Pigeonhole is active. Upon successful payment, the new Pigeonhole will be in effect immediately. Please note that there is no downgrade option. We also have a no-refund policy.

What Does an Annual Subscription Include?

If you use Pigeonhole Live on a regular basis and are interested in an annual subscription, you can choose between:

  • Annual Manage (USD 1200)
  • Annual Engage (USD 1500)
  • Annual Captivate (USD 2700)

Annual subscriptions support unlimited Pigeonholes of your choice for a year. It also comes with a Team Workspace so you can invite your team members to work set up and manage Pigeonholes together.

For more information on our annual subscriptions, refer to this page.

What Does a Customisable Enterprise Plan Offer?

The Enterprise plan is a fully customisable Pigeonhole plan that caters to enterprise clients who have specific requirements and intend to use Pigeonhole Live regularly.

To better suit your organisational requirements, our team will work with you to design a bespoke Pigeonhole plan. Additionally, Enterprise clients also have access to:

  • Enterprise-grade security features like audience and team Single Sign-On and IP Address Whitelist
  • Integrations with complementary enterprise platforms such as Brightcove and Kollective
  • Audit logs, to trace every action performed in a team back to a user and enforce accountability in your team users’ actions
  • Ability to manage and enforce specific settings across all team Pigeonholes to ensure compliance with your organisation’s policies and requirements when using Pigeonhole Live
  • Priority support and more

To find out more about our Enterprise Plan, drop us a line

Are There Any Alternative Pricing or Sponsorships?

If you're a non-profit organisation operating in the areas that we support, we also have discounted rates for you. Submit a support request from your Workspace for more information.