Understanding the platform

This article provides a basic overview of the different parts of the Pigeonhole Live application and how they work together.

Pigeonhole Live is made up of 3 main components – the Workspace, the Panels, and the Audience Web App.


When you sign up to use Pigeonhole Live as an event organiser, you will be provided with a Workspace. Your Workspace shows a list of all the events that you have created, where each event is represented by a Pigeonhole. If you are a new user, you will begin with a Demo Pigeonhole.

Learn more about Demo Pigeonholes and purchasing new Pigeonholes.

The Workspace is the control centre for all your Pigeonhole Live events. In each Pigeonhole, you can edit the event details, create and customise the interactive sessions and content in your agenda, and view event insights including collected responses. Billing and support are also accessed via the Workspace.


These are different interfaces for you and your organising team to easily manage and display audience responses throughout your event. Each interface is a web page that works on any modern web browser, and is accessed via a unique, Pigeonhole-specific, private URL link. This link can be obtained from the Workspace (via the Run page) and does not require sharing your account login and password to access.

Interface Function
Projector Panel Shows the most popular questions from attendees as well as any poll results, and is designed for the big screen at your event.

Learn more about using the Projector Panel.
Moderator Panel Allows moderators or speakers to view and select questions from attendees, and provides additional functions such as the ability to highlight the question being answered on the Projector Panel and Audience Web App.

Poll results can also be viewed live as attendees vote.

Learn more about using the Moderator Panel.
Admin Panel Generally used when a Q&A interactive session has filtering enabled as managing incoming (new) questions is only supported by this interface. When filtering is turned on, questions submitted using the Audience Web App by attendees will first appear on the Admin Panel, and will only appear on the other interfaces (Projector Panel, Moderator Panel and Audience Web App) if the question is allowed. Questions can also be dismissededited, or hidden using the Admin Panel.

Poll results can also be viewed live as attendees vote.

Learn more about using the Admin Panel.
Kiosk Designed for use on a large screen tablet with touch enabled, this allows attendees to vote on polls and provide feedback via surveys at Kiosk stands or at exhibition booths.

Audience Web App

The Audience Web App is the interface through which attendees post responses. When attendees go to pigeonhole.at and enter the event passcode, they will be able to view the event agenda and start engaging with speakers and moderators through the Q&As, Polls and Surveys that have been created.