How to set up Attendee Profiles?



Attendee Profiles allows you to collect demographic data from your attendees for better engagement insights. 


To set up Attendee Profiles: 

Go to Pigeonhole > Agenda > More Settings> Attendees. 

1. Under Profile Information, check the box to allow attendees to sign in. We will help collect attendee information based on the fields you specify next.


2. Once you check this box, you will see the information that attendees will be entering when creating their profile. The Name, Email, Company, Industry and Position fields are listed by default. You can delete fields that you don't need, add new fields, duplicate or edit existing fields.




3. To add a new field, simply click the +Add field button on the top left, select one of the standard fields or if you want to create an entirely new field, click on Custom field.  You will see the newly added field at the bottom of the list. To edit, select Edit, change required information in the pop-up box, click Update. Click Save at the bottom of the list. 



4. To duplicate a field, click on the down arrow next to edit, select Duplicate, click save. The name, field type, option and required fields will be duplicated.

5. To edit any of the fields, click on the edit button on the right, change the required fields, click Update. Click Save at the bottom of the list. 


6. To delete any of the fields click on the down arrow on the right, select delete, and click save.


Note: Please do not delete the "Name" field and replace it with another field. Deleting the "Name" field will cause errors when using the Attendee Profiles feature.

7. You can also re-order the fields by simply dragging them to the desired order, click save.



8. Finally, to allow attendees to add their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to their Attendee Profile, check the respective boxes, click save. Note that adding LinkedIn and Twitter accounts will only import the attendee's profile picture and the link to their social profile. 


9. To comply with the GDPR and PDPA, require attendees to consent to the collection of their data. Refer to this article to learn more about obtaining attendees' consent.  

10. For added security in your events, you can enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for audience. When SSO is enabled, the name and email fields will become required by default. 

  • When SSO is enabled, registrant profiles will be disabled.

11. If you enable registrant profiles, the name field becomes a required field. Refer to this article, to find learn more about registrant profiles.

  • When registrant profiles is enabled, SSO will be disabled. 

On the Admin Panel:

You can view attendees' profiles by just clicking on their name. 


All the profile information collected will be available here. 


On the Audience Web App:  

1. Your attendees will be asked to create a profile when they click on the URL to the Audience Web App. 

2. Your attendees can view their own profile by clicking on the name at the top right corner of the page. 

In your event Insights:

If attendees have created a profile and choose to participate in Q&A and Poll sessions as identified, their name and profile information will appear in the session report alongside the interaction data.