How to use Pre-created Attendee Profiles


By default, attendees currently sign in anonymously to Pigeonhole Live. Their activity on Pigeonhole Live remains anonymous unless they identify themselves. Such conditions are perfect for encouraging open conversations, but what if you need enhanced security where every attendee's identity needs to be verified before they can access Pigeonhole Live? Or perhaps, you have a database of registered attendees and would like to link the questions or feedback submitted back to your own database.

Pre-created Attendee Profiles allows you to do this by creating profiles (from your own database) for every attendee expected to access Pigeonhole Live. When each attendee sign in, on top of your event passcode, they are also required to enter an Attendee Code that is unique to them. When they do this, we will fill in their Attendee Profile with details you provide here. From there, any responses that are not anonymous will be tied to their identity. To retrieve the full attendee profile for each response, you'll need to download the Excel export.

Go to the Pre-created Attendee Profiles page in your Workspace:

Pre-created Attendee Profile Fields

Profile fields are determined by the Attendee Sign-in Options. Customise the required and optional fields in this section accordingly. Upon saving the changes, the revised fields will be reflected in your Pre-created Attendee Profiles section. If you specify additional fields, you'll need to update pre-created attendee profiles that have already been added. The template for adding pre-created attendee profiles will also be updated.

For ease of setup, we recommend that you confirm the Attendee Profile fields first, then add any pre-created attendee profiles.

Add Pre-created Attendee Profiles

There are two ways to add new pre-created attendee profiles.

Method Description
Upload list of attendees (Excel format .xlsx) Use this method when you have a lot of attendee profiles to add. You can successively upload lists of attendee profiles using a custom generated template you download from your Workspace.
Manually one at a time If you only need to add a couple of attendee profiles, you can use this method to add them one at a time.

When adding pre-created attendee profiles, required fields defined by the Attendee Sign-in Options must be filled in. On top of that, each pre-created attendee profile also requires a unique Attendee Code. You can specify an Attendee Code when adding, or you may also leave it blank and let us generate a random Attendee Code.

Attendee Codes are unique to each attendee within a Pigeonhole. Attendee Codes must also be comprised of only alphanumeric characters. No spaces or symbols are allowed.

Optional fields may be left empty.

Edit Pre-created Attendee Profiles

To edit a pre-created attendee profile, first search for the attendee by typing any of the attendee's particulars in the search box. Thereafter, click on the attendee profile to bring up the edit screen. If the pre-created attendee profile has already been used by an attendee to sign in, you will not be able to edit the profile anymore.

If you need to edit several pre-created attendee profiles, our recommendation is to delete them, then re-upload their profiles again. If you don't delete the profiles and try to overwrite them by uploading a new list, it won't work as we ignore profiles that already exists.

Delete Pre-created Attendee Profiles

To delete pre-created attendee profiles, select the checkbox beside each profile, then click on the red Delete attendees button at the top of the list. You will not be able to undo this action, so be sure you really mean to delete them! You are not able to delete pre-created attendee profiles that have already been used by an attendee to sign in.

You can use the Search function to find the specific profiles that you wish to delete.

Signed-In Pre-created Attendee Profile

When an attendee uses an attendee code to sign in on the Audience Web App, their associated Pre-created Attendee Profile will no longer be editable or deletable. This is because pre-created attendee profiles are akin to templates of attendee profiles. When someone signs in and uses an attendee code, it's like an instruction to populate their attendee profile with the details contained within the pre-created attendee profile. After that, this pre-created attendee profile will no longer be used.

Download List

Once you have added all your pre-created attendee profiles, you may download the entire list to retrieve the Attendee Codes (which may have been generated randomly). You'll need to inform each attendee of their unique Attendee Code. This option is also useful as a form of backup. You can also download the list and upload it to another Pigeonhole's Pre-created Attendee Profiles to add the same set of attendees there.

Delete List

Use this option only if you wish to remove all existing pre-created attendee profiles. There is no way to undo this action.


You can customise some aspects of how Pre-created Attendee Profiles work.

Option Description
Require Attendee Code when signing in Enabled by default. This requires attendees to enter an Attendee Code on top of their Event Passcode in order to enter your Pigeonhole Live session. If this option is disabled and pre-created attendee profiles have also been added, Attendee Code option will still be presented to the attendee upon signing in, but it will be an optional step.
Attendees can edit their profile Enabled by default. This allows the attendees to edit their profile details upon signing in. Disable this to prevent attendees from changing their profile information.
Attendees can use their e-mail address as the Attendee Code This setting is not publicly available. Please contact your account rep or send us a support request.

Disabled by default. When enabled, it allows attendees whose pre-created attendee profiles have an email address entered, to also sign in to the Pigeonhole using their email address instead of just the attendee code. Attendee Code will still be accepted.