How to get attendee consent in collecting and storing their data



With tighter regulations on data privacy, particularly with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore, you may need to get attendees' consent in order to collect and store their data.

You can do this straight from Pigeonhole Live, and this is how your attendees will experience it.



Upon entering their event passcode, attendees can choose to create a profile (you can customise the fields). Attendees are required to also consent to the collection and use of the data that they have provided when creating their profiles. 

If you allow anonymity, attendees who choose to be anonymous do not need to give their consent.

How to set up attendee information consent form

  1. Click on Attendees on the side bar
  2. Under Obtain Consent for Attendee Information, tick the checkbox
  3. Customise the following:

    Legal Entity
    Name of the organisation that is collecting and storing attendee information

    Contact email
    Where attendees can contact you regarding their information

    Consent text
    Specify how you will be using attendee information. We've input some default text but you should customise it according to your use case. You can also use Markdown to link to your external privacy policy.


  1. Don't forget to click Save!