Run Quiz on Presenter pace with timer

This article covers:
  • Setting up Presenter pace with timer
  • Steps and Admin Controls
  • Scoring and results for Quiz session
  • Participating in a Quiz session

When you run a quiz with the timer on, participants will be able to advance to the next question automatically after the timer is up for each question. You can choose to set a time limit for the audience to answer each question.

Setting up Presenter pace with timer

After you have created your Quiz Session, under ‘Quiz Questions’, select Presenter Pace > click on the drop down list and select your choice of countdown duration timer. 



  • Participants advance to the next question automatically after the answer has been revealed. They will not be able to click 'Next' to move to the next question on their own.
  • The Audience Web App is synchronised to the Projector Panel and Admin Panel, so all interfaces will always show the same question at any one time.
  • The answer to each question is automatically revealed when time is up, according to a countdown timer that is shown on both the Audience Web App and Projector Panel.

You can also run Quiz sessions at presenter pace without a timer or run Quiz sessions on Audience pace.

Steps and Admin controls 

1. When your participants are ready, click on Start Quiz in the Admin Panel to begin the Quiz.

You can look at the live count of participants who are in your Quiz session to help you decide if your participants are ready! 


2. The Quiz runs automatically according to the timer you have set.

A countdown timer moves your audience along the quiz automatically. 


Based on the timer that you have set, participants must answer each question before the timer counts down to 00:00.


3. When the time is up for each question, the correct answer is revealed for 10s.

As an Admin, you can also choose to Pause the Quiz, and remain on this screen for as long as you'd like. 


After the timer is up, the Leaderboard will show how individual participants fared on a particular question.


Your participants will automatically be advanced to the next question when the countdown timer is up. 


4. If you need more time to explain the answer, you can hit the Pause button located at the top of the session and simply click Resume once you are ready to move on to the next question. 



Temporarily stop the session’s countdown timer.


Resume the countdown and automatically advance to the next question when time is up.

5. When the Quiz session is completed, results and scores are shown to the Admin and participants, respectively.

Projector Panel view


Audience Web App view



Results shown

Admin Panel

  • Total participant count
  • Average score
  • Highest score
  • Number of participants with highest score

Audience Web App

  • Individual participant's total score
  • Answers that they chose for each question
  • Correct answers

Scoring and results for Quiz session

After the Quiz is completed and the correct answers are revealed, participants and Admin are shown the quiz results.

Scoring on the Audience Web App 

When the Quiz is completed, participants will see their individual scores, their selected answers, and the correct answers. 


Results on the Admin Panel and Projector Panel

The Admin Panel and Projector Panel will show the overall results once all the participants have completed the quiz. The overall results include total participants, average score, highest score, and number of participants with the highest score. 


Here’s how you can re-run your Quiz session with a new group of participants.

Participating in a Quiz session

1. Once Admin clicks Start Quiz, a countdown timer will appear on the Audience Web App. 


2. Participants can start casting their votes by selecting the correct answer. There will be a countdown timer at the bottom of the question.


3. Once the timer is up, if the option they have selected is correct, the following pop-up will appear.


4. Followed by a green tick beside the correct answer.


5. An overview of the Rank, Score and Total time will be shown before the next question. 


6. A countdown timer for the next question will begin.


7. After the last question has been answered, participants will see their trophy gradually fading in together with their Rank, Score and Total Time.


8. Once the trophy has faded out, participants will be able to see their quiz results with a summary of their answer for each question and the correct answer set by the admin.