Get an overview of your organisation using Organisation Home

This is available on Enterprise plans only


Pigeonhole Live Admins on Enterprise plans now have access to the Organisation Workspace. This is comprised of two sections, Organisation Home and Settings. This will allow Org Admins to effectively manage all licensed Workspaces, users, sign-in and security features, and more.

Organisation Home

This is where Org Admins will manage Workspace Licenses and users. It functions as an overview of the different Workspaces to show usage, availability, and users within each Workspace. 

Workspace licenses

When Admins first navigate to the Organisation Home, they will see a high-level rollup for the organisation’s different licenses. Each license will indicate how many Workspaces have been assigned compared to the amount that is available within the license and a count of the number of users within the assigned Workspaces. For greater detail, click on an active license. 

Within each license, Admins will be able to see the following:

  • Dates the license is valid
  • Number of Workspaces compared to what is available on your license
  • Workspace name, owner, number of members, and Pigeonholes

Note: To transfer ownership of a Workspace, click the ellipsis next to Pigeonholes. 

This section will be particularly useful for Org Admins to understand their organisation’s usage and quota for both Workspace and users. Comparing what is being used vs. what is available will help them to right-size their account and capabilities. For example, if all Workspaces are being used on all licenses, it may be a good idea to think about expanding their account.


The second section of Organisation Home is Users. This displays all users within the organisation. 

For each user, you will see the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Assigned Workspace
  • Roles
  • Last Login
  • Status

Note: Sort users by Workspace License, Role, and SCIM or search for specific users.

Org Admins will quickly be able to sort by permissions for access management via roles and also monitor the usage of specific users. This helps ensure users have the correct permissions for their usage and will help gauge who is active within the organisation. 


This is where Org Admins can manage their organisation’s settings, such as adding other admins, setting up SSO, adjusting policies, and monitoring actions taken by users. 


On the Organisation page of Settings, Org Admins can update the name of the organisation, view their account validity period, and add or remove other Org Admins. The number of Admin seats available vs. the seats used is reflected above the current Org Admins. 

Note: Please contact your account manager if you need to increase the number of Org Admin seats available. 

Single-Sign On (SSO)

This is where Org Admins can configure SSO to Workspaces or Pigeonholes via the organisation's identity provider. SSO ensures a secure and convenient way for workspace users or attendees to access the required space. This functionality is available for both Workspace users and event attendees. Simply follow the steps for which SSO access you would like to configure. 

Learn more about setting up an Organisation Workspace SSO:


The ability to set SCIM provisioning will allow Org Admins to streamline Workspace management. Automating provisioning and deprovisioning of workspaces to joining or exiting employees will allow for easier user management for large organisations.

Note: In order to enable this, Org Admins will first need to setup SSO.

Workspace policies

This is where Org Admin can configure policies for all Workspaces managed by the organisation, or set exceptions to configure different policies for different Workspace licenses or Workspaces.

Policies available:

  • Password policy - manage password policies for users
  • Restrict Workspace membership by domain - limit who can be invited to join your Workspaces outside your organisation 
  • Pigeonhole policy - control attendee access, viewing, and integrations to Pigeonholes
  • API access - connect external tools to Pigeonhole Live via the public API
  • Audit logs - monitor and log Workspace activity

Audit Logs

Here, the Org Admin can view the usage trail of Org Admins in the Organisation. Filter functionality allows viewing by a specific user or date range. They can also drill down on a specific activity to see the date and time of an activity, IP address, and browser where the action took place.