How to enable SSO (Single-Sign On) for your Attendees in an Organisation

This is available on Enterprise plans only.


Example of an SSO login screen your attendees will see if SSO is enabled for your attendees

SSO (Single Sign-on) for attendees allows you to restrict access to Pigeonhole Live events to only those in your organisation. This helps prevent unauthorised access to information shared during your event and verify each attendee’s identity to enforce accountability. 

When you set up SSO to verify attendees' access to your Pigeonhole Live events, we will work with your Identity Provider (IdP) to import your attendees' name and email address. Once imported, attendees will be verified using that information and will not be able to alter the information by themselves. 

You can find attendees’ profiles under your Pigeonhole Insights once they access an event on Pigeonhole Live.

Enable SSO for your Attendees

Step 1: Click on your Organisation selection list from the top-left corner of the interface and select your Workspace name from your Organisation selection list.


Step 2: Click on your Workspace selection list from the top-left corner of the interface and select the Workspace Settings of your selected workspace.

Step 3: Select the Pigeonhole policies option to configure Attendee SSO profile availability.

Step 4: Check the Availability option corresponding to the Attendee SSO profile you added.


Note: Selecting "Default" for the Attendee SSO profile will let you set that attendee profile as the default for every newly created pigeonhole (event).

Step 5: Click on the Save button to save the changes. 



Step 6: Select the Pigeonholes tab from the top navigation bar and this will take you to the Pigeonhole page where you need to set up an Event which will apply the saved SSO configuration for the attendee. 

For Setting up the Pigeonhole Live event, refer to this documentation on- Setting up and Editing your Event Info


Step 7: Click on the Attendees tab from the top menu bar.



Step 8: Navigate to the “Registrant Profiles” section, uncheck the Enable registrant profile for this event option and click on the Save button.


Step 9: Click on the Security tab from the menu bar.



Step 10: Select the Attendee SSO profile which you added for your workspace from organisation settings and click on the Save button.


This will complete the configuration for the Organisation Attendee SSO setup. Now you can Run link (Audience Web App) which will redirect you to access Attendee SSO of the Identity Provider of your choice.