Attendee Profile options

You can customise the information that attendees can provide in their Attendee Profile to be identified (i.e. not anonymous).

Please refer to the table below for the Attendee Profile fields available:

Attendee Profile fields Required fields
Name Yes
Email Optional
Company Optional
Department Optional
Industry Optional
Position Optional
Phone Optional
Country Optional
Staff ID Optional

You can also allow easy sign-in through an existing social network profile. When attendees sign in using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, we will connect to their account and retrieve only some very basic profile information such as their name, email, company, and position, to populate their Attendee Profile. The details we can retrieve are dependent on the social network connected, and this is done only once when they first connect. For example, we do not post tweets on their Twitter accounts.

When attendees post questions, comments, survey responses and more with their identity, when session Insights are exported in Excel spreadsheets, their attendee profile details will also be included.