Exporting responses

All responses captured during your event will always be safely stored, and accessible anytime through your Dashboard. They will never be removed from your account. Nonetheless, we do allow you to easily download these data as well.

Session-by-session exports

We provide an easy way to download the responses captured in each of the interactive sessions. There are two formats available, with each format providing a different look and feel, and at times, granularity in the data.

There are two types of exports available:

PDF Nicely formatted, and designed to be easily printed or shared during a presentation. For Q&A sessions, the PDF presents the questions, votes, and comments (if enabled) in a neat tabular format. For Poll sessions, the PDF includes a pie chart as well as a tabular summary of the results. The PDF format for Surveys provide a concise summary of completed responses using relevant charts and tables.
Excel Designed for raw analysis, the data provided in this format is plainly formatted. For Q&A and Poll sessions, the responses, votes and comments (if enabled) are displayed in a tabular format where you can use Excel's built-in functions to sort and filter accordingly. For Survey sessions, this format presents each complete response separately. You'll be able to view the individual answers for each question provided by each respondent separately too.

Combined exports

If you wish to download all the session exports in both formats, you can use our Export all responses function on the main Insights page. This will automatically compress and produce a single zip file containing all your session exports for download immediately.