How do I add a Regular session?



You can add interactive (Q&A, poll and survey) and non-interactive sessions in any order. By default, sessions are ordered and appear in the Audience Web App by their start and end timings. When two sessions have identical start and end times, the session added first will be displayed first. You can also choose to order the sessions manually. Our recommendation is to set up sessions in the order defined in your event agenda.

Changes made to any session details via your Workspace will apply in the Audience Web App and Panels instantly.

Regular session type is similar to a Q&A session type, apart from the lack of Q&A functionality. It is commonly used to build an event agenda on the Audience Web App. Regular session types are suitable for speaker or panel discussion sessions that do not require Q&A. It is also designed for reflecting activities like Registration or Opening Speech in your agenda. If you want to enable Q&A for a speaker or panel discussion session, add a Q&A session type instead. If you wish to add a Networking Break, Lunch or Tea Break on your event agenda, add a Break session type.

Adding a Regular session is similar to adding other session types. In this article, we will guide you through the individual fields and options when adding a Regular session type.

Add New Regular Session

Go to the Agenda page:

Then click on the Add Session button, then under Select Session Type, choose Regular. If you change to another session type under Select Session Type, content entered in the previous session type will be lost when you click the Add button.



This is the name of the session.

Required, cannot be blank. Name of session should have a length of 3 to 100 characters.


If you have a session description, this is where you will put it. It will appear in the Agenda on the Audience Web App as well as within the session's About this session section. When the Agenda first loads, only the first two lines of the description will be visible on the Agenda. The full description will only be visible when the attendee taps to expand the description.

Optional, can be blank. You are limited to 500 characters of text. Line breaks are retained. Basic text formatting is supported through Markdown (see Markdown support).


If you have different locations for each session, you may put the location of the session here, e.g. Ballroom A, Level 2. This will be visible on the Agenda in the Audience Web App. If all your sessions reside in the same venue, it is not necessary to provide the location here - consider putting it in the description of your Event Details instead.

Optional, can be blank. You are limited to 50 characters of text.


Choose your session start and end date/time according to your event agenda. The start and end dates are constrained by your Pigeonhole Duration.

Once a session starts, you cannot change the session start time or remove the session.

If there are changes to the session start or end timings, you can edit the session to update the timings. Alternatively, on your Agenda page, the session dropdown menu provides several quick functions (dependent on the session state) to change the start/end timings. As usual, changes to timings are applied immediately across all interfaces including the Audience Web App.

Moderators and Speakers

See Adding speakers for more information.

To add speakers or moderators to this Regular session, click on either Add Moderator or Add Speaker. A small dialog will appear to allow you to select any available Speakers. You can also add new Speakers here, but you will not be able to upload profile pictures here - you need to go to the Speakers page to do that.

Roles (moderator/speaker) indicated here are distinct to this session. That means, the same speaker can have a different role in another session.

As you populate the speakers and moderators involved in each session, we automatically compile a list of sessions that each speaker is involved in and display them alongside the speaker's profile page.

Polls and Surveys

If you wish to conduct polls or surveys during this session, you can add Poll and Survey session types, then configure them to be nested under this Regular session. Nested Polls and Surveys will not appear in the Agenda of the Audience Web App, but rather, only within the Audience Web App Regular session page. There will also be a poll and/or survey icon for this Regular session on the Agenda to indicate that there are nested polls and/or surveys.

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