Can I reorder the sessions on my agenda?

By default, sessions are ordered by their start and end date/time. This order is used on the Audience Web App Agenda, among other areas. You can also choose to order sessions manually. Ordering sessions manually will also change the way ended sessions are displayed on the Audience Web App Agenda.

Ordering Sessions manually

Go to the Agenda page:

Then click on the "Reorder sessions" text link. The page will reload, and you'll now see handles on the left of each session. The previous text "Reorder sessions" is now replaced by an instruction on how to reorder sessions, and also an option "reorder by start time" to go back to automatic ordering of session by their start time.

To reorder sessions, simply click on the handle on the left of the session you wish to reorder, then drag it up or down to the desired position. That's all! Changes are automatically saved immediately.

When sessions are ordered manually, ended sessions will no longer move to the bottom, and be grouped together under "Ended Sessions" They will remain in it's position, and attendees will have to scroll down as the day progresses.

Ordering Sessions by start time

To go back to automatic ordering of sessions by their start time, click on the "reorder by start time" text link. A confirmation prompt will appear. Once you confirm this action, your manual order of sessions will be lost and the Agenda will now show sessions sorted by their start time.