Editing your event details

At this point, you should have a Dashboard account with either a Demo Pigeonhole or a Pigeonhole which you have purchased. If you do not, create an account here. It would also be good to open your Dashboard and enter the Pigeonhole section for the event you will be configuring. Any setup done within the Pigeonhole section will not affect other Pigeonholes. If you have multiple events to setup, you'll need to setup Pigeonholes for each event separately. We will now walk you through the entire setup process of your Pigeonhole.

Configuring your Event Details

This should be the first thing you set up in your Pigeonhole. All the details here can be changed again later, but more importantly, the Timezone that you select here will affect the timings of all the session types that you add to your Agenda later. More on that below.

Event name

Enter the name of your event. The Event Name will be displayed to your audience when they access the Audience Web App. Within your Account, the Event Name also becomes the name of your Pigeonhole.

Required, cannot be blank. Your Event name should have a length of 4 to 100 characters.


This is used by your attendees to access the Audience Web App. You can customise it to your event name, or abbreviations of it, or generate a random passcode by selecting the Random option. You can make it cryptic to make it more difficult for non-attendees to guess the passcode. Passcodes are case-insensitive, but avoid ambiguous characters to prevent confusion among your attendees when signing in.

Passcodes are subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis. Passcodes are assigned/reserved based on your Pigeonhole Duration specified below. Passcodes can only be reused once the Pigeonhole has ended. Read more on choosing Passcodes.

Required, cannot be blank. The passcode must consist of alphabets and numbers and have a length of 4 to 20 characters. Spaces are not allowed.


You can fill in any free-form text here. This text appears beneath the Event Name in the Audience Web App. Normally, you would enter a concise description of the event, or include the venue and date of your event. You can also enter specific instructions for your attendees here.

Optional, can be blank. You are limited to 500 characters of text.

Country / Timezone

It is important to select the correct Timezone before setting up any sessions. The start and end timings for sessions created will be based on this Timezone. That means if you change the timezone after creating some sessions, the timings for those sessions will change as well. You will then need to modify each session to reflect the adjusted time offset.

If your event span several timezones, you still have to select a timezone to base your setup on. Attendees on the Audience Web App will see the session timings based on their device timezone.

Filter through the timezones by first selecting the country where this event is being held. If this is a regional event, choose the country and timezone that the sessions will be setup based on.

Event dates

Specify the date range for when you will be using Pigeonhole for your event. This is limited by your Pigeonhole Plan duration. If you do not have sufficient days, you can purchase add-ons to extend the duration. When you add sessions to your Pigeonhole, they will be constrained by this duration.