Customising Word Cloud colours 

Available on the Pro, Business, Engage, Captivate, and Enterprise Plans. 

What is the Word Cloud Customisation Feature?

The Word Cloud Customisation feature allows the Admin to choose their preferred colour palette for any Word Cloud text effortlessly. This feature ensures that the result perfectly aligns with the Admin's preferences. By enabling this feature, the Admin can easily create visually appealing text that resonates with their audience. The colour palette chosen will affect all Word Cloud Sessions in a Pigeonhole.

Setting up a Word Cloud Session

On your dashboard, fill in your Word Cloud information and click Add Word Cloud. Learn the step-by-step process of creating a Word Cloud Session.


Customising Word Cloud colours

  1. Go to More settings > Appearance > Word Cloud Session Display > Colour Palette
  2. Next, uncheck Follow theme colour. 

If you want the Text colours based on the current theme, you can leave the Follow theme colour box checked. Uncheck the box if you want your custom palette. 


  1. Select the colours you want for each text size. 



  • The Follow theme colour checkbox is always ticked by default.
  • If the Admin selects the Follow theme colour, Text colour 1 is the same as the Theme colour, Text colours 2-4 are different shades of the Theme colour, and the Background colour for the Word Cloud is changed to the Text Colour from Themes > Custom Themes > Text Colour. 


  1. Click Save, and you will receive a prompt with the following message, “Word cloud session display updated”



If you use Custom Branding for your Pigeonholes:

  • You must disable Custom Branding for the Pigeonhole to which the Session belongs.
  • You can do this by going to More settings > Appearance > Themes and Branding > Custom Branding.