Integrating Pigeonhole Live to Kaltura MediaSpace

Available for:

  • Enterprise
This article covers: 
  • How to enable Pigeonhole Live for your MediaSpace account under Configurations? Management 
  • How to enable Pigeonhole Live on your event site?

If you use Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) to host live and on-demand videos for your organisation and events, you can easily add Pigeonhole Live’s Audience Web App alongside your media asset using the Pigeonhole Live module on KMS. 

This integration supports all interactive features on Pigeonhole Live including Q&A, Chat, Polls, Quizzes, Assessments, and Surveys. Support for Reactions will be available in a future module update.

image__10_.pngNote: This integration is only available on the Enterprise plan. For more information, contact

How to enable Pigeonhole Live for your MediaSpace account under Configurations Management?

As an admin, you need to first enable Pigeonhole Live for your KMS account so other KMS admin users can add it to their event pages.

1. In your KMS account, click on Manage Configuration in the top navigation bar. 

2. In the Configurations Management page, go to the left side-bar and select Pigeonhole Live under ModulesCustom/contrib. 

3. For the enabled field click on the dropdown menu and select Yes


4. Under the allowedRolesForConfiguration field, you can specify which user roles in your KMS account will be able to see Pigeonhole Live in the editor and enable it for event pages. 

Click on the dropdown menu and select your preferred user role that you want to allow from the following options:

  • Unmoderated Admin
  • Admin
  • Private only
  • Specific Users / Groups

5. Click Save.

How to enable attendee and registrant profile settings for your Pigeonhole?

Create and customise attendee profile information fields on Pigeonhole Live

1. On your Pigeonhole Live Workspace, go to your event Pigeonhole.

2. Go to More Settings> Attendees. 

3. Select + Add field to add and customise the fields you want to request from your attendees. You can set each field to optional or required, except for name (which is a required field by default). Make sure to save your settings. 


Enable attendee and registrant profile settings for your Pigeonhole

You need to enable the following settings on the Pigeonhole Live Workspace before integrating Pigeonhole Live on your media asset. 

On your Pigeonhole, go to More Settings> Attendees

1. Under the Profile Information section, enable the setting Allow creating attendee profiles through embed and click Save.


2. Under the Registrant Profiles section, enable the setting Enable registrant profile for this event and click Save.


Then, go to Registrant Profile Settings by clicking on the drop-down next to the Add a registrant button and select Settings


Enable the setting Allow adding new Registrant Profiles through embed and disable all other settings (as shown below). Click Save.


How to enable Pigeonhole Live on the event site? 

1. In your KMS account, navigate to your media asset.

2. Under the media asset, click on the drop down next to Actions, and select Edit


3. Click on the Pigeonhole Live tab. Under Enable Widget, select "Yes". Then, enter the Event Passcode for your Pigeonhole and the Session ID for the session you want to embed to this page.


You can find the Event Passcode and Session ID on your Pigeonhole Live Workspace (as shown below). 


4. Under Options, select the checkbox for Hide back button if you wish to disable the back button on the Pigeonhole Live Audience Web App to keep attendees on the current session. Finally, click Save.


The Pigeonhole Live Audience Web App embed will look like this: