Adding Pigeonhole Live to live webinars hosted on ON24

Available for:

  • Engage
  • Captivate
  • Enterprise (Events)

This article covers: 

  • How to add Pigeonhole Live sessions to events hosted on ON24? 
  • How to obtain the Pigeonhole Live embed code?

If you run your webinars or live streams events on ON24, you can embed Pigeonhole Live's Audience Web App within ON24 to create a seamless audience engagement experience for your attendees. 

How to add Pigeonhole Live to live webinars on ON24?

1. On your ON24 webcast platform, click on the Console Builder on the menu at the top of the page.

2. Then, click on the "widgets" button (as shown below) and select URL widget in the drop-down menu. 


3. Use Attributes to give the tool a unique name - a unique name will help you distinguish between multiple instances of the tool.

4. Click the Settings button on the URL widget and select Configuration in the drop-down menu.

5. Obtain the URL for your Pigeonhole or a specific session within your Pigeonhole. Learn how to obtain your Pigeonhole and session URLs here. 


6. Paste your Pigeonhole or session URL and select the Open in console option. This ensures that the Pigeonhole Audience Web App opens within the same page as your webcast video. 

7. You can rearrange and resize your Pigeonhole Live widget within the Console Builder

Note: The embedded Pigeonhole will not load within the Console Builder but will appear when viewed in the Console Preview. 

8. After making all the desired changes click the Save button to save all the changes made to the engagement tool.


The URL engagement tool supports the passing of event and user tokens so information can be passed into a webpage or application inside the engagement tool. To find out the full list of user tokens that can be passed to Pigeonhole live, go to the ON24 Knowledge Center → Search for URL Tool, and access the list of other User Tokens. 

You will need to add the corresponding Profile fields and settings on Pigeonhole Live for the user tokens you’ve selected on ON24 following the steps below.

How to obtain the Pigeonhole Live embed code?

Create and customise attendee profile information fields

1. On your Pigeonhole Live Workspace, go to your event Pigeonhole.

2. Go to More Settings> Attendees. 

3. Select + Add field to add and customise the fields you want to request from your attendees. You can set each field to optional or required, except for name (which is a required field by default). 


Pigeonhole Settings

Enable the following settings on the Pigeonhole Live Workspace, before you create the user tokens.

On your Pigeonhole, go to More Settings> Attendees.

1. Under the Profile Information section, enable the setting Allow creating attendee profiles through embed and click Save.


2. Under the Registrant Profiles section, enable the setting Enable registrant profile for this event and click Save.


3. Then, go to Registrant Profile Settings by clicking on the drop-down next to the Add a registrant button and select Settings. 


4. Enable the setting Allow adding new Registrant Profiles through embed and disable all other settings (as shown below). Click Save.


Note: This option is only available on the Enterprise (Events) plan for Pigeonhole Live. Using this setting will allow for more accurate event wide attendee analytics. 

User tokens

Use the user token templates provided below and customise it by adding your own Event Passcode and Session ID to create a custom user tokens for your event. 

User token for single session

Use this user token format for speaker sessions with just a single Q&A, Poll, or Chat session. The Pigeonhole Live Audience Web App will only display the Q&A, Poll, or Chat session that you have specified in your user token(in the Session ID). 

This user token format also disables the back button to keep attendees in the current session.

Replace PASSCODE with your Event Passcode and SESSIONID with the Session ID for the session you want to direct your attendees to. 

You can find your Event Passcode and Session ID in your Pigeonhole Live Workspace (as shown below). 


User token for multiple sessions

Use this user token format if you have multiple Pigeonhole sessions (i.e. a combination of Q&A, Polls, and Chat) for your speaker session and want to allow your attendees to switch between sessions by accessing the agenda page (which lists all the sessions):

Replace EVENTPASSCODE with your Event Passcode in this embed code template. You can find your Event Passcode in your Pigeonhole Live Workspace (as shown below). 


For Enterprise-level features such as pre-filling registrant details (from ON24) on Pigeonhole Live, contact your Account Manager or drop us a note at to find out more.