Integrating Zoom Webinar to Pigeonhole Live

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  • Captivate
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  • Business
  • Enterprise (Meetings)
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This article covers:
  • How to add Zoom Webinar to Pigeonhole Live?
  • How will the Zoom video look on Pigeonhole Live?
  • Which Zoom Webinar features are available across different browsers? 

If you use Zoom Webinar to run your virtual events and webinars, you can easily integrate it to Pigeonhole Live to have a seamless audience engagement experience. In this integration the Audience Web App will appear next to the video, allowing your attendees to participate in nested polls, leave comments, submit and vote on questions – all while having an uninterrupted view of the video. This integration is only applicable for Q&A and Regular sessions on Pigeonhole Live. 


Note: This integration is available on desktop browsers only. We currently support Zoom SDK version 1.9.0.  

Download our Zoom setup guide

* When using this integration, please ensure that you do not exceed the meeting capacity imposed by Zoom. If the meeting capacity is exceeded, additional attendees can still participate in Pigeonhole Live sessions but will not be able to view the meeting video. 

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How to add Zoom Webinar to Pigeonhole Live?

On Zoom:

1. Set up your webinar in Zoom Video Webinar. Copy the attendee invite link to your webinar. Do note that this integration is only supported for non-registration based webinars. 

On Pigeonhole Live:

1. On your Pigeonhole event, go to More Settings > Integrations.  

2. Then, go to More Settings > Integrations.

3. Scroll to find Zoom and select Integrate.

4. Select the session you want to integrate Zoom Video Webinar to.  Then, paste the Zoom Webinar link or registration link you've obtained when setting up earlier. Select Add Video


5. You can ask your attendees to join the webinar through Pigeonhole Live.

6. Run your webinar on Zoom as per usual. Your audience will be able to view the webinar while submitting and voting on questions.  

Note: If you've enabled SSO for attendees or required your webinar attendees to sign in on Pigeonhole Live, the attendees' identities will be reflected on Zoom. If attendees are anonymous on Pigeonhole Live, they will remain anonymous on Zoom unless they choose to rename the assigned pseudonym in Zoom. 

Learn how to enable Attendee SSO on Pigeonhole Live. 

Note: The Name and Email fields in an attendee's profile is required for the Zoom Webinar integration. To enable this: 

1. On your event Pigeonhole, go to More Settings > Attendees. 

2. Under Profile information, enable the setting Allow attendees to create profiles and ensure that the Name and Email fields are set to required. Make sure to save your settings. 


3. Then, you can ensure that attendees add their name and email to their profile through any of the following methods: 

Enable login with profile

Go to More Settings> Attendees. Under Profile Information, enable Allow creating attendee profiles through embed. 

Attendees will be prompted to create a profile with name and email when they login. 


Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for Attendees

Go to More Settings> Security. Under Single Sign-on for Attendees, enable and set up Single-sign on for Attendees. Refer to this article for more information.

Attendees' names and email will be automatically added to their profile when they login through SSO.

Disable anonymous responses in your sessions

You can also disable anonymous responses for each session added to your Pigeonhole by unchecking the Anonymous responses boxes under settings.

Attendees will be prompted to add their name and email when they submit a response.


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How will the Zoom Video look on Pigeonhole Live? 


What features on Zoom Webinar are supported in this integration?

*This integration is not supported on mobile web browsers.

  1. Share video & screen
  2. Gallery view (on Google Chrome and Edge Chromium version only)
  3. Join computer audio
  4. Join audio by phone
  5. View shared video & screen
  6. Q&A & Polling
  7. In-meeting chat
  8. Breakout Rooms.
  9. Closed captioning
  10. Request remote control
  11. Use of host key to claim the meeting as a host when a meeting has no host
  12. Ability to reclaim host for joined use 
  13. Ability to assign new hosts before leaving the meeting
  14. Ability to authenticate names for attendees starting and joining meetings from China
  15. New AES-GCM encryption and decryption audio support

Compatibility across different browsers

The available features across different browsers for this integration will be limited based on Zoom's browser compatibility (refer to the diagram below). For more information on this, visit here.


App Permissions

The Pigeonhole Live app has permission to access the following information in your Zoom Meetings. However, we do not access, store, or use any of the following meeting data. 


Please note that this feature is in beta and is being actively worked on. We would love to hear your feedback on the feature as we continue to improve it. Drop a note to