Security Measures for your Pigeonhole

Pigeonhole Live encourages and promotes open, constructive conversations between stakeholders by enabling anonymity and content curation. As you host these important and sometimes confidential conversations on our platform we take a firm stance on security and provide various measures to protect your data and privacy.


On security

All data including but not limited to personal data, confidential information, and images, that you input into Pigeonhole Live, is encrypted at rest and in transit, regardless of your Pigeonhole subscription tier.

Additionally, to ensure that no unauthorised individuals are privy to your events and meetings, we offer several layers of security that you can enforce.


1. Event Passcode

Set unique event passcodes and share it only with your audience to limit access. Read more about Event Passcode.


2. Attendee Code

Set unique codes for each attendee and ask them to login only with attendee code. Read more about Attendee Code.


3. SSO for Teams

If you have an Annual Captivate subscription and above, you can enable Team SSO to limit access to your Pigeonhole Live Dashboard account to authorised team members only. 


4. SSO for Attendees

If you have an Enterprise Subscription, you can also enable Attendee SSO to limit access to the Audience Web App and Panels. This allows you to run large scale internal meetings safely and confidentially.

5. IP Address Whitelist

If you have an Enterprise subscription or above, you can specify IP ranges to restrict attendee access to the Panels and Audience Web App. Attendees can only access your Pigeonhole’s Audience Web App and panels if they are connected to an authorised network as defined by the IP ranges. Read more about IP Address Whitelist.