How to add a Brightcove-hosted video to a session

Available for:

  • Engage
  • Captivate
  • Enterprise (Events)


You can add one Brightcove video per session.


Set up pigeonhole-player on Brightcove.


  1. Upload your video into Brightcove. If you’re using a Live Module, start your Live Job, which will create a Video record in the Brightcove Media Module.

  2. Create a new player. Name it pigeonhole-player.

Configure Brightcove Plugin


  1. In the pigeonhole-player page, scroll down to Plugins section. Click on "Edit".

  2. Click on Javascript row. Add this link:
  3. Click on the "+" button to add it.

  4. Under Name, Options(JSON), add 'phl' as the plugin name.

  5. Click on "Save" to update the setting. 


Get your Brightcove video code


  1. Now go to Media using the dropdown link at the top header bar.

  2. Select your video. 

  3. Then, click on the "Publish and Embed" button at the top middle. Select the Web Player option.

  4. A small window will appear. In the dropdown, select the previously created pigeonhole-player. 

  5. At the bottom of the window under Copy Code Section, select Standard and copy the code in the textbox. 

Add code to your Pigeonhole


  1. In your Pigeonhole, go to the Integrations page. Under Brightcove, click "Integrate".

  2. Click Select the session you want to add the Brightcove video to.

  3. Paste the copied code into the script field.

  4. Click on "Add video" to save. If there is no error message, your video is successful added to the session!


Use Test Mode to check out how your integration looks on the Audience Web App, from the perspective of your audience.