How do I switch on/off Test Mode?


Test Mode is off by default.

Test Mode is turned on and off by clicking a switch-like toggle on the top right of every Pigeonhole page in your Dashboard.

Whenever you toggle this switch, any running Audience Web App or Panels will update instantly to reflect the state of Test Mode. You can toggle Test Mode on or off any number of times as long as the first session in your Pigeonhole has not started.

When Test Mode is on, you will see a countdown to the automatic deactivation of Test Mode. This appears on the Audience Web App at the top, and as a background watermark on the Panels:


This counts down to the time that the earliest session in your Pigeonhole is scheduled to start. If there are any changes to this, the countdown will update accordingly. It's best practice and our recommendation to turn Test Mode off when you are done with your technical runs or testing as it indicates that you are all set for the event!

Test Mode may turn itself off automatically

When Test Mode is on and one or more sessions in your Pigeonhole starts, Test Mode will automatically turn itself off and become disabled permanently. This behaviour is affected by non-interactive sessions start time as well.

If you intend to use Test Mode, ensure none of your sessions are scheduled to start during this period.