How to filter tweets shown on my Twitter wall?



You can enable Filtering for tweets on your Twitter Wall. Once enabled, you can allow or block tweets from the Admin Panel. Only tweets that the admin has allowed will be shown on the Twitter Wall.



  1. In your Pigeonhole, go to the Integrations page. You should have set up the Twitter Wall integration. Click on "Edit". 

  2. To enable Filtering, Check on the box for Filter tweets and click on "Save".


To filter tweets


  1. Go to the Run page. Open the Admin Panel. 

  2. Load the correct session by clicking on Twitter Wall.

  3. Any new tweets with your added hashtags and/or will be displayed here in the Admin Panel. You can choose to Allow or Block the tweets.

  4. Click on Allow to display the tweet on your Twitter Wall immediately.

    You may also Block tweets that are irrelevant or offensive.


There is a tweet limit of 1000: only the first 1000 tweets will be pulled to your Admin panel.