Poll Scales: Numeric, Draggable and Icon Scales

We have introduced two new question types in Multiple Choice Polls: Numeric Scales and Icon Scales. 

Numeric Scale

An adjustable numeric scale of 1-10 for your audience to rate on different topics.  

Draggable Scale

An adjustable numeric scale of 1-100 with a draggable interactive pointer for your audience to indicate their response.

Icon scale 

An adjustable icon scale with the choice of hearts, thumbs up, stars and checks to add a visual element to your rating questions. 

Setting Up

1. Go to Workspace> Pigeonhole> +Sessions> Multiple Choice Poll. 

2. Fill in session name and details.  

3. Select + Question. Fill in your poll question.  

4. Then, select the question type. 

Under question type, select Numeric Scale or Icon Scale based on the suitability for your question.  

5. Customise the scale.  

For the Numeric Scale, adjust the lowest value and highest value on the scale based on your requirement. You can also write your own labels for the lowest and highest value based on your question. 



For the Draggable Scale, adjust the lowest and highest value on the scale based on your requirement.  You can also write your own labels for the lowest and highest value based on your question. 


For the Icon Scale, adjust the number of steps. Then select the icon of your choice for the question.


6. Save the question.  

Projector Panel 

When the results for Numeric Scale and Draggable Scale type question is reflected on the Projector Panel, it will be illustrated in a graphical format to show the distribution in votes across the scale. 


The results for Icon Scale question type will appear in a bar chart format.



Switching question type in Multiple Choice Polls

When using Multiple Choice Polls, we recommend not changing from one question type to another once you have collected responses. This will result in the loss of response data. 

If you want to switch question types, we recommend deleting the poll responses collected and asking your audience to submit their votes again. Learn how to delete responses here

Adjusting scale size

You can amend the poll scale size once you have started collecting responses.

For instance, you can change the initial scale size from 1-5 to 1-10 once you have started collecting responses. As a result, responses registered on the scale from 1 through 5 will be retained and you can continue collecting more response data with the now expanded scale.