Getting Started with Personal and Team Workspace

What is a Workspace?

Workspaces are dedicated spaces where you can set up and manage your events, collaborate with your team, and purchase one-time Pigeonholes, upgrades, and subscription plans. 

You can use your Personal Workspace to create and manage your own event Pigeonholes or use Team Workspaces to collaborate with team members to create and manage event Pigeonholes and access data collected together.


Key workspace features

Set up events 

Easily create Pigeonholes to set up interactive sessions, manage settings, and more from your Workspace.

Purchase of plans and upgrades 

Manage purchases and billing from your Workspace. 

Team access roles

With Team Workspaces you can assign users with different access rights and easily collaborate to set up and manage events.

Save time with templates

Use templates to create similar events quickly.

SAML-based Single Sign-On

Use your company's authentication provider for consistent and centralised access control for Workspaces.

Navigating your Workspace

When you log in to your Pigeonhole Live account, you will immediately enter the last Team Workspace you accessed before logging out (if you have a Team Workspace). You can seamlessly switch between multiple workspaces to set up and manage Pigeonholes in your preferred workspace using the drop-down menu on the top-left corner of the page.


This Workspace drop-down will display all the Workspaces in your account. You can also find the total number of Team Workspaces in your account and the number of Pigeonholes in each Workspace in the drop-down.

Users with more than 8 Team Workspaces will be able to search for workspaces using keywords within the drop-down menu.


Other navigation links to take note of in your Workspace:

1. Workspace Settings 

Click on Workspace settings to access all information related to your Workspace such as Members, Plan and Billing, Pigeonhole Settings, Audit Logs, Security.


2. Profile and Account Settings

Personal account related settings (such as Profile, Account Settings) remain at the top-right corner of the page. Go to Profile to update your personal particulars. Go to Account Settings to update your email preferences and your password.


3. Notifications

Click on the bell icon to access your notifications. We will keep you posted on updated orders, and invoices via notifications.


4. What’s new

Click on the Gift icon for new updates. 


A side pop-up on the left will keep you posted on new updates and features.


5. Help Menu

The question mark icon brings you to the Help Menu for quick access to our Help Centre. You can also submit support requests to our team from here.


Learn how to create events using your Workspace