How to set default submission profile for attendees

Available for all plans 

What is default profile selection?

When you enable both allow for anonymity and allow attendees to enter Profiles in your Pigeonhole, attendees have a choice to enter their responses as Anonymous or as their profile name. This offers your attendees greater flexibility to choose how they want to present their responses and opinions.  An option like this can be particularly useful for sessions with Attendee SSO enabled, where participants have a profile pre-assigned to them. This setting allows organisers to set default profile selection as anonymous to encourage attendees to give honest feedback, even if they were signed in with SSO.

A Q&A session with default profile set to Anonymous, even when attendee has a pre-assigned profile 

Organisers can select the default submission profile that participants will see when they enter a response.  This can help organisers nudge participants towards their preferred choice, and allows attendees to have full control over the profile they prefer to respond under.

How to access the default profile selection setting? 

To use this setting successfully, ensure that you have both settings enabled:

1. Enable Anonymous responses in the preferred sessions

Anonymous responses are available under Agenda > individual Session > Settings

2. Enable profile creation

Profile creation settings are available in More settings > Attendees > Profile Information

Once both settings are enabled, you can select your choice of default profile settings for your audience. Note that this setting will be the default for all sessions of the same type only, i.e., if you select for Q&A, it will apply only for Q&A sessions. This offers organisers greater flexibility in selecting the option that works best not only for their event, but on a session-type basis. For example, some organisers might prefer having anonymous options for a Q&A session for better psychological safety, while having profile options for Chat sessions fosters more gracious discussions. 


Default profile settings are available under More settings > Session settings > Default profile selection