AI Translation for Q&A

Available on all Pro, Business, Engage, Captivate and Enterprise plans during the introductory period that will end on 30 September 2024.  All workspace users on paid plans will enjoy free unlimited usage of AI Translation during this time. 

What is AI Translation?

Multi-language interactive Q&A session

AI Translation is an Artificial Intelligence-enabled service that allows organisers to use PigeonAI credits to host multi-language interactive Q&A sessions. Attendees will be able to interact in the Q&A with other language speakers and view content submitted by other event attendees in their native language. Organisers can choose an Event Language, which then determines the ‘main’ language of the Projector, Admin, and Moderator Panels for presentation and moderation in that language.

A typical usage scenario would be a multi-regional interactive town hall event organised by a company headquartered in one region with employees and stakeholders from other language regions. For example, a company headquartered in the United States could use the AI Translation feature to engage employees from its region as well as non-English speaking employees across Asia and Europe.

Note: This feature is currently in an introductory period and will only be available on paid plans - Pro, Business, Engage, Captivate and Enterprise. Workspace users will be given unlimited PigeonAI credits to use during this time.

Artificial Intelligence features and data privacy

At Pigeonhole Live, we value our customers’ data privacy. We partner exclusively with service providers who match our strict data protection standards. Through written agreements, we ensure they use your personal information solely for designated tasks and not for AI model training or development. Your privacy is our top priority. Learn more at our Privacy Policy page or reach out to our support team.


Languages available for translation

The 25 languages supported for translation reflect the Audience Web Application (AWA) Default Display Languages:

  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese, Simplified
  • Chinese, Traditional
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Estonian
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malay
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese, Brazilian
  • Russian
  • Romanian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

How to enable AI Translation for a Pigeonhole

AI Translation has to be enabled for each Pigeonhole first before enabling the service for each Q&A session. You can turn it on by going to your Pigeonhole’s More settings > PigeonAI screen and checking ‘Enable AI Translation.’ Once this is enabled, your Q&A sessions in the Pigeonhole will now have the AI Translation setting available. 

How to enable AI Translation for your Pigeonhole.

Note: If you are enabling AI Translation on a Pigeonhole for the first time with your account, you will be asked to opt-in to the usage of AI features and provide your acknowledgment of the risks and limitations of using AI services.


Setting up the Translatable Languages and Event Language for the Pigeonhole

After enabling AI Translation on the Pigeonhole, you will be asked to choose the Event Language and Translatable languages. The settings here will determine the language settings for AI Translation for individual Q&A sessions.

Language translation settings for Q&A Questions.

The Event Language determines the interface language on the Admin, Projector, and Moderator Panels, as well as decides the target language for translation on these panels. 

Organisers can then determine the main language of the event (or their company) so that attendee submissions from other Translatable languages can be translated into a single language for presentation and moderation. The selected Event Language will also be selected as a Translatable language. 

Translatable languages are languages our AI Translation service recognises as available for translation when attendees submit content and will translate to-and-from these languages. Organisers may select 2 - 10 Translatable languages for their event. Once selected, click Save. Event Language and Translatable languages settings will be restored if you disable AI Translation on the Pigeonhole and enable it again.


Example of a Q&A session with Bahasa Indonesia as the Event Language. The Admin has the option of translating a question originally asked in English to Bahasa Indonesia for their comprehension.

With the Event Language in English, the Projector Panel will take attendee submissions from all Translatable Languages and translate them by default into English.

Note: If an attendee is using the Audience Web App in a device language that is not a selected Translatable language, then they will see attendee submissions translated to the Event Language by default. For example, a Pigeonhole has French as the Event Language; the Translatable languages are French and English. If an attendee uses the Audience Web App in the Bahasa Indonesia language, then they will see other attendees’ submissions translated to French by default.


How to enable AI Translation for a Q&A session

On a Pigeonhole that has AI Translation enabled, go to your Q&A session on the Agenda that you would like to enable AI Translation for and click ‘Edit.’ Then go to ‘Q&A Settings,’ and you will see the AI Translation checkbox that can be enabled.

How to enable AI translation in Q&A Settings

Alternatively, the session-level AI Translation can be turned on and off via the Controls side panel of the Admin Panel (if AI Translation is enabled for the Pigeonhole.) The Dashboard’s Q&A settings of that session and the Controls AI Translation settings are synced, so enabling or disabling it on one side will do the same on the other. 


AI Translation can be turned on and off on the Controls side panel on the Admin Panel.

How to know if AI Translation is activated for a Session

Once enabled, you will see the AI Translation icon on the session in the Agenda and also an indicator on the Admin Panel letting you know it is active.

AI translation icon on the session in the Agenda


Admin Panel indicator to let the user know that AI Translation is active.


AI Translation on the Audience Web App

The Audience Web App language, by default is set to automatically detect the device language of the attendee. They can, however, change this at any time.

AI Translation is designed to enable interaction between attendees of different spoken languages. Given that AI Translation is currently enabled for the Q&A session when attendees submit questions or comments to a question, these will be translated on a per-character basis to the other selected Translatable Languages using PigeonAI Credits.


A submitted question in Bahasa Indonesia is automatically translated into English based on the other attendee’s device language.

Content that has been translated will display a ‘Show original’ button (if the interface language is in English) - clicking this will reveal the content in its original language.  


PigeonAI Credits and how they work

Unlimited PigeonAI credits are available for use during the introductory period

PigeonAI credits are stored and available for use for AI services in a workspace. Sessions using AI services will then draw down from the workspace’s credits. If AI Translation is enabled on a session, credits are used to translate attendee-submitted content from one Translatable language to others on a per-character basis.

Currently, for AI Translation, the following will be translated:

  • Attendee questions
  • Attendee comments on a question
  • Admin Answers
  • Edits made to a question by an Admin

Note: During the introductory period, Workspace users will have access to unlimited PigeonAI credits. Once this period is over, users will need to obtain credits to use AI translation. To help users get an idea of how credits work, we have included tracking for credits consumed using AI translation. 

Credit usage will be reflected in 3 places:

  • Workspace (Workspace settings > Plan and Billing > PigeonAI Credits)
  • Pigeonhole (PigeonAI Usage section)
  • Session level (Excel and PDF exported reports)

PigeonAI credit usage reflected in Pigeonhole.

As a user selects the Translatable languages, a banner will appear to notify them of the estimated number of Q&A questions that they can translate given their available credits and the number of Translatable languages selected. Each Q&A question is estimated to be 67 characters long (costing 68 credits, including 1 credit for language recognition of the question.)


Credit usage example

Let’s say that English, Bahasa Indonesia, and French are selected as translatable when an attendee submits a 50-character question in French. AI Translation will do the following:

  • Consume 1 credit to recognise the content as French
  • Consume 100 credits (50 credits for French-English and another 50 for French-Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Make those translations available for attendees with English, Bahasa Indonesia or French as the device language setting on their Audience Web App and display it in the Event Language on the Panels.

1 character for translation costs roughly 1 credit. For example, when a question of 67 characters is submitted in a Q&A with AI Translation enabled across 3 Translatable Languages, the total PigeonAI credit cost will be approximately 134 credits (67 multiplied by 2 translations.)


Profanity Masking 

While Pigeonhole Live does not exercise any auto-blocking mechanisms for messages with profanities or inappropriate content, we aim to foster a respectful environment by preventing inappropriate content from being translated.

If an inappropriate word that may detract from the overall experience or profanity is detected in a translatable language, Pigeonhole Live will mask the translated phrase with “?$#@$“.

Where the source language and target language are the same, the filter does not automatically mask profanity in translation requests.

In some cases, an inappropriate word in the source input may naturally transform into a non-offensive term in the translated output. In these cases, no masking is applied.

Profanities will be masked for all translated outputs except Vietnamese. 

If you have any concerns about language handling on Pigeonhole Live or encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to submit a support request. Your feedback is instrumental in upholding our community standards and ensuring a positive experience for everyone.