What does the Pigeonhole duration mean?

 The Pigeonhole duration is the time range that your audience will be able to access your Pigeonhole using the event passcode. When setting up your Pigeonhole, you will be asked to set the date that your session starts and ends. This becomes the date range that you can set sessions to be live (you can edit the date range anytime). 

All Basic, Manage and Engage Pigeonholes have a maximum duration of 7 days while Captivate Pigeonholes have a maximum duration of 30 days. This duration is regarded as a single continuous block. When adding sessions in your Pigeonhole, the session start and end dates/times must all fit within your Pigeonhole duration.

If you find your Pigeonhole duration insufficient, you can purchase an add on to extend the duration to 30-days or upgrade to a Captivate Pigeonhole. Simply drop us a support ticket 

Determining the duration needed for your event

Your Pigeonhole duration does not start on the day of purchase. In fact, you can purchase your Pigeonhole ahead of your event. As an event organiser, you can access the Pigeonhole anytime from the date of purchase to set up, use Test Mode, manage interactions and access the event insights without eating into the Pigeonhole duration. However, if you intend to have pre-event and post-event audience engagement activities on Pigeonhole Live, you need to ensure that it is within the Pigeonhole duration.

For example, if your event that starts on 11 June and ends on 14 June, that makes a total of four days which fits well into the default seven-day Pigeonhole duration. However, if you wish to start collecting Q&A questions three days before the event, and also continue collecting feedback three days after the event, you will need a combined Pigeonhole duration of 10 days (3 + 4 + 3). If your Pigeonhole has a seven-day duration, you will need to purchase an extension upgrade to accommodate all your audience engagement activities.   

Test Mode — When Pigeonhole duration does not matter

Test Mode works anytime before your first session in your Pigeonhole starts. So, if you intend to do a tech run or brief the speakers and moderators with Pigeonhole Live, you don't need to factor those dates in your Pigeonhole duration. Going by the example above, if the first session starts on 11 June, you will able to activate Test Mode and do your tech run or briefings anytime before 11 June. 


If you have completed setting up your agenda on Pigeonhole, and have Test Mode deactivated, you can start sharing the event agenda on Pigeonhole Live to all your attendees. This can be any amount of time ahead of your Pigeonhole's first session starting date/time has no bearings on your Pigeonhole duration.