Changing Session Details

What session details can I change? 

You can make changes to all session details before and during your event, with the exception of session timings. There are some restrictions with respect to changing session timings. 

Changing session timings

There are three restrictions when it comes to changing session timings:

1. If a session has already opened/started, you will not be able to change the start time. You also cannot set the session start time to be earlier than the current time.

2. If a session has ended, you can only extend the session to end at a later time. You also cannot set the end time to be earlier than the current time.

Why? Changing the start and end time once the session is already in progress or ended respectively, will compromise the integrity of the audience interaction data collected during the session.

3. Your session time must fall within the duration of your Pigeonhole. If you need to keep a session open longer than the Pigeonhole duration, you will need to purchase an extension. Do note that extensions on Pigeonhole durations are only allowed on paid plans. 

How do I make changes to my sessions?

Go to Workspace> Pigeonhole > Agenda, and click Edit on the session you wish to edit. 

Screenshot_2019-08-22_at_5.22.41_PM.png To understand how to edit Surveys, see Can I edit Surveys once it has started?
To understand how to edit your Agenda, see Can I reorder the sessions on my agenda?

How to change the session time? 

You can easily change the session time by clicking on the drop-down menu on the session you wish to edit.

Use the Start and End function to immediately start or end your session respectively. Use the Change end time to change the end time of your event.

Do take note of the restrictions mentioned earlier in this article when performing this action. The options available in the session drop-down menu will also depend on the state of the session.


Alternative actions for changing session time once the event has started

If the session start time affects your event proceedings and has to be changed you can consider the following options: 

  • Submit a support ticket from your Workspace or contact your Account Manager. We will assist you by changing the start time internally. However, do note that this will remove any session data collected before the session time was changed. 

  • Hide the session, then Unhide it only when you need it. 

  • Hide the session and add a new session. If you need to purchase an additional add-on for this, please submit a support ticket on your Workspace and we will assist you. 

  • Delete the session and add a new session. This option is only available for Engage Pigeonholes and above.

How to remove sessions?

In the event of changes to your event agenda, you can remove unwanted sessions from the Agenda page. Simply click on the drop-down menu and select Delete Session.

Do note that this option is only available on the Engage Pigeonholes and above


Alternatively, you can use the Hide function. Click on the drop-down menu for the sessions you wish to remove from the Audience Web App and Projector Panel, and select Hide. Hiding a session will remove it from your audience's view.