Adding Pigeonhole Live to Veertly 



What is Veertly?

Veertly is a fully customisable event management platform that enables you to host a variety of virtual and hybrid events. Now you can seamlessly add Pigeonhole Live to Veertly to increase interaction and foster an engaging experience for your audience. 

How to embed Pigeonhole Live within Veertly 

  1. From your Veertly event cockpit, select Look & Feel.
  2. Next, click the New area button.Screenshot

Veertly event cockpit.

Fill in the required fields in the Add new area box.

You can use URL Placeholders in Add new area. 

To direct attendees to a specific Pigeonhole Live Session on Veertly, insert this embed code format into Web app URL:[PASSCODE]-__UID__[SESSIONID]?disablebackbutton&phName=__FIRST_NAME__

Replace [PASSCODE] with the Event passcode and [SESSIONID] with the Session ID. 

To copy the Event passcode from your Pigeonhole, go to Pigeonhole > Event info > Passcode, or copy it from the top left corner of your dashboard.


Pigeonhole dashboard.

To copy the Session ID go to Pigeonhole > Agenda > Edit > Copy Session ID.Screenshot

To display the Pigeonhole Live Agenda, insert this embed code format into Web app URL:[PASSCODE]-__UID__?disablebackbutton&phName=__FIRST_NAME__ 


  1. Click Add Area, and you will receive a pop up confirmation saying “Configuration saved successfully.”
  2. Next, click ENTER EVENT to see the event page and access your Pigeonhole Live Event.ScreenshotScreenshot

  Veertly Event page.

How to enable embedded code on Pigeonhole Live 

  1. Go to Pigeonhole > More settings > Attendees > Profile information, check the Allow creating attendee profiles through embed box and click Save.Screenshot

  2. Next, go to Registrant Profiles > Add a registrant > Settings, check the Allow adding new Registrant Profiles through embed box and click Save. Screenshot