Sharing and managing event collaborators' panel access

This article covers:
  • How to share and manage access to panels? 
  • How will event collaborators access the panels? 
  • How to track who has accessed the panels? 
  • How to download direct session links to panels? 

You can give your event collaborators access to the different Pigeonhole Live panels to help you manage your event. When sharing access to panels, you are not required to share access to your Workspace or disclose login details to your event collaborators. 

You can also decide the level of restriction and security you wish you exercise when sharing the access to the Projector, Admin and Moderator Panel with your event collaborators. 

How to share and manage access to panels? 

1. On your Pigeonhole, select 3. Run your event and click on the section Manage Access with Event Collaborators.

2. Under this section, you have shareable links to individual panels. 

3. You can control the access to the panels using the drop-down menu. If you select the option Anyone with this link, anyone with the link to the respective panel will be able to access and manage the panel. This option does not require authentication and thus can be accessed by anyone who is not a member of your Workspace.


4. If you select the option Workspace members only, the link to the panels will only be accessible to members of your Team Workspace. When this option is selected, Team Members will be prompted to sign-in using their Workspace credentials to access the panel upon clicking on the link. 


Note: Powerpoint add-ins are not supported in the Workspace members only option. 

5. Once you have selected the access permissions, simply click on Copy to copy the link and send it to your event collaborators. 

6. Do note that you can change the permission settings anytime during the events from your Workspace. If you change the access setting from Anyone with this link to Workspace members only, those who are managing the panels will be signed out and asked to sign-in with their Workspace credentials to continue accessing the panels. 

7. You can also reset the link anytime during the event. Once you have reset the link, anyone with the old link will not be able to access the panel. You will need to provide them with the new link to access the panel again. 

Note: This is the most effective way to remove access to a panel. If an event collaborator is removed from the Workspace after signing in to the panel, their access to the panel will not be disabled until they sign out or close the tab. To remove their access immediately, reset the panel link. 

How will event collaborators access the panels? 

1. When the Anyone with this link setting is selected, event collaborators can access the panel by simply clicking on the link.

2. When the Workspace members only setting is selected, event collaborators will be asked to sign in using their Workspace credentials upon clicking on the link. 

3. If your event collaborators are already signed in to the Workspace in the same browser, they will not need to sign in to the panel that they are accessing, and vice versa. 

4. However, if they are accessing the panel from a different browser/ device, they will be asked to sign in. 

5. To sign out of a page, simply click on the icon at the top right-hand corner of the page and select sign out.


Once they sign out of a panel, they will be signed out from all the Pigeonhole Live pages within the same browser. 

How to track who has accessed the panel? 

For users on the Enterprise plan, the following actions will be recorded in the Audit Logs: 

1. Any changes to the panel access settings on the Team Workspace. This includes information on: 

  • Who changed the setting
  • When the setting was changed
  • Which panel the setting was changed for
  • What permission setting was changed 

2. Sign-ins and sign-outs for each panel

How to download direct session links to panels? 

If you wish to share Panel links for individual sessions to different event collaborators, you can download an Excel file with direct session links for all the sessions. The Excel file will list the direct link to Admin Panel, Moderator Panel, and Projector Panel for each session in the Agenda. 


To download the Excel file, go to 3. Run your event and scroll to the bottom to the Useful Resources section. 


Click on Panel links to sessions to download an Excel file with individual session links. 

You can send the links to your event collaborators to give them access to individual sessions in the Agenda.